The World Is Out Of Balance

This is my first English blog and video and there will be more to follow.. – THE WORLD IS OUT OF BALANCE –  More and more people start to wake-up and see that we live in a crazy the World.

Imbalance Masculine And Feminine

Everything is energy. The basic energy are the masculine and feminine energy. This two energies together manifested the reality that we live in. I just came back from India. Here they call it Shiva and Shakti.  There is a imbalance between the masculine and feminine energy. This is easy to see in a country like India, but even in the Western World you can see this imbalance. The World is driven by masculine energy.

Our Biggest Enemy

That what is happening on a big scale is also happening on a small or individual scale. We can see this in the Business World, but on a bigger scale we are raping Mother Earth. And this is more serious then we think. We as human beings are our own biggest enemy and are on our way to destroy ourselves.


If you had an true awakening experience your life will never be the same again. When you found the truth inside of you, your vision about life and about the World, will never be the same. As they say in the Movie, The Matrix, ‘There is no way back.’ The moment that you wake up from life, you can feel like the whole Worlds needs to know. Because the World needs to know and open their eyes. What are we doing?


It Is All About The Money

We live in a World where it is all about money and power. Money is power. In the Western World we spend most of our time working. We work to make money so we can live. Is this really fulfilling? Do you feel that this is what life is about? Life can not be about making money or having a great career.

There is a reason why more people are depressed or having a burn-out. Everybody can feel that there is more in life. That there is a deeper truth. People are looking for answers about who they are and why we are here. The Universe in a ascension process. The energy is raising on Earth so our consciousness is growing. That turns out that we become more aware. More people start to wake up and come to the truth from within.

It Is All About Love

When you start to look inside and you see the Thuth, you know everything is the opposite. Life is about LOVE. But do we truly have time for each other? Do we truly live? Is this the World that we want to live in?

Is this truly what we want to create? There is enough for everyone on the planet. Whey is it that there are still people dying of hunger? If we would share everything, we would have everything. This would only be possible if we change in our consciousness and wake-up. We forgot what love is. We forgot how to love.


Listen To Your Heart

It is time to remember who we are and come back to our true nature, which is basically love. WE FORGOT WHO WE ARE. Only in your heart you can find your true nature back. There you can tune in to the Cosmic Library, where you can find all the answers. So Look inside your heart

Why? Because the solution will not come from our head. It will come from our heart…Our real mind.. Our heart is our true mind.  


I do believe in a World based on love.

I do believe that we together can make Earth a better place and I do believe that there are alternative ways so we can live in love. Why I do believe this? Because it happened to me and many more people are waking up. We need to fall back inside our heart again.. One by one. Look inside your heart and follow your intuition.

Listen to your heart.

Your heart will never lie..

Your heart will never judge.

In our heart you can find all the answers you are seeking for.


Are you looking for yourself? Are you seeking for answers? Do you want to connect with your heart and see your inner World? I can help you! I can help you to remember who you are and what you came to do here on Earth.. This is for people who are looking for THE TRUTH. If you are curious and you want to know more, please fill in your name and e-mailaddress here down below!



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  1. Enid
    Enid zegt:

    Generally I do not learn article on blogs, however I wish
    to say that this write-up very compelled me to check
    out and do so! Your writing style has been surpreised me.Thamk you, quite great post.

    • Maria Johanna
      Maria Johanna zegt:

      Hahaaha! Thank you so much! My English-writing is not the best.. But I love to speak English..
      I am happy to hear you like my style 🙂

    • Maria Johanna
      Maria Johanna zegt:

      Thank you so much!! This is a great motivation to do more in English.. I would love to reach a bigger audience.. Hope one day I look back at this post and say ‘Yes, you were right!’ Hahaha! 🙂 Love, Maria


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