Vlog#51 Making a New Start in My Life

Letting go of everything again. Why? And How do I experience this? I want to take you with me on my journey. What happend if you let go of ‘everything’?

We identify ourselves with what we do, where we live, the people around us and the roles that we play in life. In most cases we feel safe in our own house. It’s our comfort zone. In my case: I had everything!

I was living my dreams, I lived in my dream villa on de Baambrugse Zuwe in Vinkeveen helping people with Ayahuasca Ceremonies. What more could I wish for?

What does really matter to me?

Sometimes we just run though life and we don’t take time to stand still and realise what is happening or to question ourselves: ‘What does really matter to me? How do I want to live my life? What makes me truly happy?’

Not Meant to be?

Ayahuasca is my biggest love. But sometimes even when you are together with your biggest love, it’s not meant!

A Strange feeling

It’s a strange feeling to not do what I am really good at. It took me years to come where I am Today. It’s not something that comes from one to another day. It has been taking years to educate myself, to learn how to guide ceremonies and to create the perfect medicine. It has always been a Big Success from the very first Ceremony until the last Ceremony. Without exceptions.

Destroying my Castle

It’s like a child who spend a whole Day on the beach building his sand castle. At the end of the Day his/her mother is calling to go home. In a split second, without thinking this child destroys his/her Castle. Only, in this case it took me years to build and just one decision to stop. One decision can definitely change your life!

A New Passion

I found one new passion witch is my New Plant Based Diet. I call this my Daily Ayahuasca, because it helps me so much. It helps to balance hormones and balance your system. So it helpt to get in shape, loose or gain weight, to sleep better, have stabile energy, balance your hormones and in my case to heal my skin. But I feel there is more to come…

What let me make this Change?

In August 2019 I did a Dieta with the Master Plant Noya Rao. During a Dieta Ayahuasca is a portal to The World of the Master Plant that you diet. In my case ‘Noya Rao’. The spirit of Noya Rao is the highest spirit in the jungle. The Shipibo Shamans say that she comes directly under God.

Why I decided to Stop my Ayahuasca Ceremonies

During my Diet I saw that I had to stop organising Ayahuasca Ceremonies and create more time for ME! It felt in a way as a Devine Protection to stop now. And Since October 2019 the rules around Ayahuasca changed in The Netherlands.

Dieta with Noya Rao

I have seen so much during these journeys with Noya Rao. I couldn’t believe it and I have to admit: ‘I am still sceptical’ Even while all the I saw is my reality now into very small details.


Right before I stepped into my Dieta I made a video on my Instagram. The crazy thing is that all that I am saying is what Noya Rao showed me and what is happening right now. This proofs that all the answers are inside of you. CLICK BELOW TO SEE THIS VIDEO!!

Start of 2020

Since the year started I have already been at Ibiza, I’ve been in London and I planned to go to Saudi Arabia now! But I did not go!! I felt that it was not safe enough and that I wanted more peace.

Proud of where I am Today

I am proud of where I am Today and what I have been creating so far. All cames to me by following my inner voice from my heart over all the other noise. I could never imagine my life to be this way. It has never been my plan. It all came to me by being in the moment, checking in with what felt good in the moment.


In my new vlogs I take you with me on my journey what happens when you let go of everything that has been identifying who you are? I see this as a new Adventure. I am not sure what the future holds for me. At the moment I am recovering that all the things that happened so far. I let myself be guided by my inner voice. I TRUST!

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My name is Maria Johanna from The Netherlands (Amsterdam) and I can help you in your personal growth and your spiritual awakening. I started this journey by publishing my (Dutch) book ‘Quarterlife Challenge – Know what you want in 20 days’. With led to many other things. I would love to inspire you and help you in different ways such as; writing, giving lectures, workshops, meditations. My main focus is at arranging Retreats and Ayahuasca Ceremonies.

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