Vlog#49 Spiritual Blessing at Bali

YES!! I am back and I will be vlogging and blogging again!! It feels so good. In March I went to Bali. The place that I love so much. The place where I started MariaJohanna.com and where I have lots of beautiful memories. I recorded this journey, but I haven’t shared anything yet. Now I feel it’s time!

I made a vlog serie about my journey in Bali that I am going to share in different parts.

Being back in Bali brought me back in time to the very beginning of MariaJohanna.com. I realized how much I have been growing and what I learned. In my vlogs I share a lot of positive energy and I help you to motivate and reflect. I highly recommend to watch my Vlog#48 Back in Bali, Where My Dreams Started. When you scroll down you can see one of my first (English) video’s where I talk about my first Ayahuasca Experience.

No Coincidences

Everything in life is guided and on my trip to Bali that became very clear. There are always so many coincidences. For example. A friend of mine said: ’If you go to Bali, you have to meet Ngurah Sudarma!!’ She send me a couple of video’s of him that she made, because she is a camera woman and was filming with him in Amsterdam. Guess what? I was sitting in the airplane, I opened my eyes after a good sleep and who was there in from of my eyes? Ngurah! We sat in the same airplane ! I decided to make contact and we had a great connection. (See more in my video)

Be Spontaneous

After a healing session from Ngurah Sudarma I drove through Bali and I saw an old friend (I have lived in Bali for 9 Months). He just looked at me and said: ‘COME!’. Without thinking I turned my scooter around an followed him. I could immediately feel where we were going!

Bali Spirit Festival

For me Bali Spirit Festival is best festival that there is! I already booked my ticket for March/April 2020. So many beautiful people, great activities and some people recognised me from YouTube. Super cool!

Slow Down

It’s very Dutch to want to be on time, but somehow in Bali I could not. The message was ‘Slow Down’ and ‘Acceptance’. It cost me a couple of days to really slow down. Hahaha!

Water Blessing

The Balinese Culture is rich in ceremonies and rituals. One of the famous rituals is to do a Water Purification. You clean your past, your karma and can makes wishes for your future. A beautiful Balinese Ritual. Only I was so cold!! Haha!

Hand Palm Reading

I received a hand palm reading from the Balinese Shaman which was interesting. She said that I am born with a very special mission. They call it something like: ’Malkia’. If I google this it means ‘Queen’ (if you know me will you will be laughing I guess). Not many people are born with a Malkia.


She told me that I have many ambitions, that I am very talented in what I do and that all the things that I do have to be related to what I am doing at the moment (Ayahuasca). In this way I will always be successful.  Because I am born with a ‘Malkia’ it’s good to do something with Charity in the future. This is already one of my ambitions.


About my love life she told me that many people feel attracted to my energy (man & woman). I don’t need to be lonely, but it will take a while before someone special will enter my love life.  I will not be in a relationship for a while (at least 1 year). I need to focus on my own spiritual growth and helping humanity.  I will get a lot of joy and fulfilment out of my spiritual work and enjoy my freedom.

LIVING (house)

It was destined to find the place where I am living. She said I can travel the World, I can work everywhere, but this will always be the place where I go back. It’s my basic foundation from where I do my mission. (Curious about that one.)

A part of my personal Journey

I started MariaJohanna.com at Bali. All of these video’s are in Dutch. At that point I could never imagine my life as it is today. Living your Soul Purpose is not something that you can plan. It is about going inside, checking in and following your inner guidance. The more inner work you do, the more blockages you remove and the more you can live your Truth and your Soul Purpose!

Act before you Think

I think that if you act before you start to think, it’s the most natural think you can do. (Somehow I am laughing while typing this, but It’s True). When I first heard about Ayahuasca I immediately wanted to step into a Ceremony and I did! Without doing research. Looking back, that has been fantastic. Doing Ayahuasca while having no clue what it is or what it can do. I just received a ten minutes explanation and that was it. I was so sure I wanted to do it!

My First Ayahuasca Experience

My first Ayahuasca Experience was at The Santo Daime Church in Amsterdam with 150 participants. It brought me back to source and gave me a spiritual awakening. It reminded me that life is an illusion. It’s a game where we all play our role as a human being. It seems very real, but in reality we are playing a game where it’s the purpose that we forgot who we are. The ones who remember will live a different and meaningful life.

Next to that I experienced that everything is one. This experience has been so profound that life has never been the same again!

Video about my first Ayahuasca Experience

A few years ago I recorded a Video at Bali about my first Ayahuasca Experience. Much has been changed ever since. Still great to see this video! Highly recommend you to watch my video about my First Ayahuasca Experience !

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