Vlog#32 Live fully! Step into the Unknown

I’m realizing now that from the moment I went to Peru, I feel so good. The Ayahuasca Ceremonies in Peru with the Shamans changed my life! Also the Ceremonies I organized in the Netherlands with a Shaman changed my view about working with Ayahuasca. I’m analyzing all that I’ve experienced and also looking ahead. What road do I want to take with the Ceremonies I’m going to organize in the future? I see that my goal is to remind people that they have to write their own script for their life. As if you are writing a fairytale. How can you create the most beautiful story for your life? You can do that by jumping into uncertainty. Go into the unknown and your adventure will begin. This will make you feel alive!

I love to life in Amsterdam and have so many great friends around me. It’s nice to be back in my home town after spending time in Peru and Ibiza. My days are filled with creating, friendships, deep conversations and meeting new people. Amsterdam is actually like a very small village. At some days you meet people you know at every corner.

Why would you drink Ayahuasca for so many times like I did? Well, the Shamans in the Amazon also drink Ayahuasca all the time, and I now experience that everyone can become a shaman. Even if you are not from the Amazon and you are raised and live in the Western world. In my last Ceremonies, Ayahuasca was already gently telling me that I have to take another role in the Ceremonies. That I can be a channel for healing myself and that I can sing for the group. I know this process is going step by step and I’m not in a hurry. It’s not a choice from my own mind, but more an invitation that Ayahuasca is giving me. I see it as being a seed that grows from out of the ground into a beautiful flower.

I also had some interesting thoughts about sexuality. This has always been a subject that has my attention, but I never speak about this on camera. I think we are looking for a deeper connection with someone, instead of just having sex out of lust. I like the teachings of the TAO about sexuality, because it’s about having deeper connections and orgasms. Very interesting. I think we have to be more careful about being so easy with having sex. We should take the time to get to know the other person and start with making love on a deeper lever. That also means that you can spend a whole evening making love, instead of just 30 minutes having sex. A lot of people, especially women are looking for this deeper connection and we all are challenged to look at our own sex life. Look into this. What does your ideal sex life look like? What are your needs?

I was asked to write and make a video series about preventing a burn-out. I never had something like this myself. It’s very interesting for me to hear stories from other people and I try to understand them. Sometimes I feel guilty that I’m enjoying myself so much and feel so happy! So, I think I’m an expert on the subject of preventing a burn-out and life a happy live 🙂

The most important thing is that we have to get the wisdom out of ourselves. We don’t need to look outwards for the answers and solutions, because you can find it all inside yourself. Just as Ayahuasca 😉 meditation is a great method to find your own truth. You have to look inside, feel, connect and then you will know…

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  1. Miranda
    Miranda zegt:

    Hi Johanna Ik heb je adres doorgekregen van Jaqueline van der Horst uit Haarlem. Ik wilde graag weten waar je de ayua hebt gedaan in Peru?Ik ga nl ook daarheen en wil weten of je nog tips hebt?

    Happy blessing,


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