Vlog #25 Life Changing Ayahuasca Adventure in Peru! – Part1

This week I am going to Peru! This is a journey that I have been looking forward to for a long time. Peru has always been the number one country that I wanted to visit for a spiritual journey. Somehow other spiritual journey’s and countries had to come first. I went to Bali, India, Ibiza and Brazil. And now finally I am going to Peru. It feels so good.


Drinking Ayahuasca in Peru with a Shaman is a different experience than drinking Ayahuasca in The Netherlands. Ayahuasca originally comes from South America and Peru is the best known country for Ayahuasca. In Peru you can find many Shamans, but I would not recommend to just go to the first Shaman that comes on your path.


A Shaman is a traditional healer who connects with nature and higher dimensions to create healing, insights and wisdom. They were originally leaders of the tribe and everyone from the tribe went to them for healing and wisdom. In the past the Shamans were the only ones who drunk Ayahuasca and they did this for the whole tribe.


People from the village who had health problems or other issues went to their Shamans for help. The Shamans did a ritual, drunk Ayahuasca and did the healing work for them and gave them advice. Nowadays we can all drink Ayahuasca and do our own healing work. But we will not make a inner journey at the same level of the Shamans. You can look at it in stages. I will try my best to describe it in a practical way.


Stage 1: When you drink Ayahuasca, you first feel a bit sick, dizzy and nauseous. Your body starts to react.

Stage 2: You start to see some visuals, or you start to get some vague insights, but you are not quite there. You feel something is coming, but you can’t get it yet.

Stage 3: Here you enter The World of Ayahuasca. Often times it’s very visual, but not always. You know when you are there. There is no hesitation about it. Many times this feels more like the real You than when you are living in our illusionary dream world that we call reality.

Stage 4: This is the stage where the Shamans work. They have been on plant diets for years and trained themselves to come to this stage where they can do their healing work. They can read you and they know what you need.


The Shamans are using themselves as instruments to bring healing in a way that suits you. They use their voice for singing healing songs that we call Icaros. Icaros are not songs that you can learn. The songs come to you when you are ready. The Icaros are working in combination with the healing plants and they resonate and connect to the vibrations of the medicine.


I went to the Pachamama Temple in Peru where they work with 6 Shamans who are all family and friends.  For me it felt really good that they are family, because you can feel the love and connection that they have for each other in the ceremony. Amazing!


There are different types of Shamans. In the Pachamama Temple there are Shipibo Shamans who sing personal songs for the participants during the ceremonie. Therefore there are 6 Shamans present in every Ceremony.

Maybe you’ve heard that you need to be very careful where you drink Ayahuasca. After my journey in Peru I would say that this is very true. That’s why I am so grateful that I have found this place. The Shipibo Shamans at Pachamama Temple work with pure, lovable and healing intentions.


What makes Pachamama Temple unique is that they do a traditional Ceremony where the Shamans first drink for the group so they know what is going on in the group. It is as going to a doctor for an intake. Only this goes much deeper. The other thing that I LOVE SO MUCH!!! is that they sing songs  for you personally. So they sing one-on-one during their ceremonies. I have never seen that at other places.

I found this personal treatment very efficient and caring. I never experienced this before and it has touched my soul deeply. The other thing that I love about this, is that it is very  clear which problem or theme is handled by you together with the shamans.


Ayahuasca can help you finding a deeper meaning in life. This is why many people are changing their life purpose after their Ayahuasca Ceremonies. Many people feel more love for other human beings and the planet. They start to feel that they want to contribute in creating a better World together.


I had a very strong feeling after my Ayahuasca Ceremonies that I wanted to contribute on a deeper level. In the beginning I did not know how.. But if you are searching for an answer, the answer will also search for you and there will be a moment that you find it!

When I did my first Ayahuasca Ceremony I could feel that there was a higher purpose for me. I was already living my dreams. I wrote a book called ‘Quarterlife Challenge’ and I was helping people in their Quarterlife Crisis to follow their heart. But I could feel that this was not enough. A new purpose was waiting for me.


Another thing I saw in my first Ayahuasca Ceremony is that I (maybe) already found my biggest love in my life, but that I would not stay together with him, because it would block my dreams. At that moment I could not act on it. The relationship was too much alive. So I want to tell you that Ayahuasca can give you visuals and insights that you can not always directly implement in your life. You need some patience… But now I see that this was/is true.


The feeling of being in Peru is something that I can’t describe in words. The best way to express it would be to just cry tears of happiness for being alive, for all the love, the gratitude and the importance of healing ourselves and the planet.

You are here for a reason. We came here together for a reason. That’s why I want to contribute in bringing people to this healing center in Peru. For me this is a very different level of healing with Ayahuasca. Again… I have no words to describe it. I only want to let you know that I want to contribute and help you to also go there! You can find more information at:


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