Weekvlog#17 Breaking up! The pain of saying goodbye

Sometimes breaking-up is more difficult than starting something new. I know that there is no death.. After death, comes a rebirth. So I know every end, is a new beginning. I’m not breaking up my relationship, because I don’t even have one.. But stop doing my Ayahuasca Ceremonies in The Netherlands.

weekvlog #15 Ibiza: Let Life Unfold out of your Heart!

This week I organized a Retreat at Ibiza. The most important thing is to ’Let life unfold out of your heart.’ Don’t think about how your life should be. It’s not you as a human being who decides how your life should be. Life is just running through you. You can only observe, enjoy and experience in the moment. Because that’s all there is !

Weekvlog #13 Love yourself first and the right people will come!

This week I fell in love! There was a long distance between us and we had no contact by phone or any other modern communication. We were just connecting via the energy field. It was so beautiful!

Weekvlog #12 The secret of doing nothing

When you put a seed into the ground all the information is already there to let it grow from a tiny seed into a beautiful flower. The same is true for us human beings. It means that even while we think nothing happens, there is a lot happening. We are always growing! Have faith that everything you need in life is already there. Take time to do nothing, open your channel, receive and manifest.

Weekvlog #11 We are all one

Again technology was not working for me this week. I now see that all things were breaking down because I started my new Company: ‘House of Oneness’. The basic principle of House of Oneness is that we are all one. How you treat another, is how you treat yourself. Working with Ayahuasca is a big responsibly, but this is what I want to do. I want to awake people. To make a better World…together.

Weekvlog #10 Having fun in Marrakesh

This week I went to Marrakesh with a group of online entrepreneurs. My theme this week was ‘making plans’. I noticed that I have difficulties with planning. I feel much better to just go with the flow, to follow the nature of my heart. If you open your heart and enjoy life, life will take care of your dreams. Connect with yourself and feel! Because you are here to fully live!

Worst Day Ever – And Miracles Happened – Week Vlog #4

De week begon met een enorm rotgevoel dat in tijden niet meer heb gevoeld. Bizar! Ik besef me dat ik zelf verantwoordelijk ben voor mijn eigen gevoel. En toch wil het gevoel gevoeld worden. En juist deze ervaringen geven zoveel terug. Gedurende de week is het vervelend gevoel omgeslagen in dankbaarheid. En zelfs de hemel opende zich voor mij. Zie de video!