Vlog#42 A New Start

Change is the constant thing in life. We human beings don’t always like change. Because we have a picture of how life should be. We need to live in the moment and go with the flow. Every day a new chapter starts. What decision do you have to make today. In your heart you know.

Vlog#35 Trust that Life will take care of you!

Do you ever take time to reflect on your past? I have been reflecting a lot lately. I realized that It is exactly 3 years ago that I started OMG! So many things happened. I‘ve been taking the action from my heart and life gave me an amazing adventure. It’s amazing to jump into the unknown and trust that life will take care of you. Open your arms and receive, experience and enjoy your path.

Vlog#34 Ayahuasca, True Miracles & Deep Reflections

This week I organized Ayahuasca ceremonies in Grolloo, Drenthe. The ceremonies took place under the guidance of an experienced Shaman. It was a very special experience, also because our accommodation was completely surrounded by nature. Besides Ayahuasca we offered attendees treatments with several other ancient medicines from the Amazon, like Rapé and Tabacco.

Vlog#32 Live fully! Step into the Unknown

The Ayahuasca Ceremonies in Peru with the Shamans changed my life! I’m now analyzing all that I’ve experienced and also looking ahead. What road do I want to take with the Ceremonies I’m going to organize in the future? My goal is to remind people that they have to write their own script for their life. You can do that by jumping into uncertainty. Go into the unknown and your adventure will begin. This will make you feel alive!

Weekvlog # 8 Destiny found me

Life is communicating in symbols, coincidences, synergy and through your inner voice. That voice which is speaking without speaking. In the outer world it’s very helpful to follow the symbols of life. These symbols and the synergy of life are helping us to find our destiny. Or you can turn it around. Destiny will find you! Watch weekvlog#8 and see how I found my higher purpose!

Week Vlog #2 Together You Are More

Together you are more! Dit is waar mijn week om draaide. Wanneer je in je eigen kracht staat, kun je prachtige verbindingen aangaan met andere mensen. Ik ben zo dankbaar voor het team waar ik mee samenwerk. SAMEN zetten we zo mooie Ayahuasca Ceremonies neer. Ieder in zijn of haar eigen rol. Zo versterken we elkaar. Zie mijn week vlog #2 ‘Together you are more’

Iemand die ik zeer bewonder is Sanny Verhoeven!

Iemand die ik zeer bewonder is Sanny verhoevem. Zij is Presentatrice, Youtuber en gelukszoeker. Om haar persoonlijke ervaringen op weg naar happiness te delen, is ze het online programma ‘Sanny zoekt Geluk’ begonnen, daarin gaat ze op zoek naar allerlei manieren om meer uit het leven te halen, minder te piekeren en gewoon blij te zijn met wat je hebt. Sanny helpt mij bij het NieuwjaarsRetreat Ibiza.