What do you really want?

If you really want something it is possible. Many times we let thought stop us from taking action and living our dreams. Often times we are scared to truly follow our heart and intuition. These thoughts are not even real. Thoughts are an illusion. In my video I share my vision and experience.

Example Loosing wight

After my journey in India I had to loose weight for the first time in my life. I thought that it would be so difficult, because I saw other people struggling with loosing weight. Coincidence or not.. My last week in Bali I stayed above a Company that produced fresh juices to loose weight! So I took juices for seven days and every moning I just took a walk from 1,5 hours. In 5 days I lost 5 kilo’s. I learned to not look to others struggling. Instead of that I decided from that day on to focus on myself and my own believes. From my mind everything is possible. It doesn’t mean that I never have fear. It means that I will use my fear. I will take action on my fear and overcome my fear so my heart becomes stronger every day.


Example New York Marathon

In 2013 I wanted to challenge myself and do something IMPOSSIBLE! Many coincidences brought me to running the New York Marathon. I saw that other people could run a marathon, but I THOUGHT that it would not be possible for me. I love new challenges and experiences. When I was thinking about this challenge my heart started to beat faster. I felt some excitement and the signals that I saw on my path led me to the Marathon. I run for the CLINICLOWNS, and I raised 6.000,- euro for this CHARITY. The whole process to the Marathon, raising money for children in de hospital and running the marathon itself was all something I would NEVER EXPACT from myself!



Never let your thoughts or opinions from other stop you! You and only YOU KNOW what is good for you. Feel in your heart where you are seeking for and TAKE ACTION. In the beginning it can be scary, but the more steps you take, the more comfortable you will be. So LISTEN TO YOUR HEART AND LIVE YOUR DREAM. You will see EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE IF YOU BELIEVE!

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Veel liefs,

Maria Johanna

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