Why would you choose for a 3-Day Ayahuasca Retreat?

Joining an Ayahuasca ceremony is not just something you do every day. Not everyone is even open to hear about Ayahuasca. If you are interesting in Ayahuasca or it shows up everywhere for you it seems like you are ready to join one Ayahuasca Ceremony.

Ayahuasca takes you on a journey in your subconscious to make a transformation there. And as you probably already know; ‘When you change from the inside, your outside reality will change to.’ How often do you hear people say that people disappear from their lives after a major event in their lives? In this way Ayahuasca can be a turning point in your life. You will not be the first to experience this.

Want to know more about Ayahuasca?

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Ayahuasca works Different for Everyone

For some people, a One-Day Ceremony is immediately life-changing, but not for everyone! It happens that participants don’t even notice any effect of the Ayahuasca medicine on their first ceremony.

Sometimes people are too much living in their heads or resist Day 1 against the effects of Ayahuasca. It is very bad when s, they think to much and they block the experience. There is not always an explanation why.

Whether you want it or not, there is an expectation before you participate in an Ayahuasca Ceremony and that is to experience an inner journey.

It also happens that people have a very heavy first experience. Than you can go home with a negative opinion about the Ayahuasca. Remember: ‘Ayahuasca gives you exactly what you need at that moment.’ Probably this person had to go through a heavy experience to heal that part inside him or her. The person has to go over a barrier to continue for the 2nd Ceremony day. We have seen this more often? We have often seen that people have to go through some darkness at the first day, to come to enlightenment at the second day. This is a very valuable experience to go through (I can tell ;-)).

I want to point out that it is not the case that if you have many traumas and have difficulties in your life, that you always have a heavy journey. This is something nobody can predict. Ayahuasca is full of surprises that wil make sense during or after the Ceremony. The experience is the to heal you or  to show you something.

My own Experience with 3-Day Ceremonies

Not even one Ayahuasca experience is the same. Even after hundreds of Ayahuasca journeys you will be surprised what Ayahuasca has to offer each time. The beautiful thing about Ayahuasca that it always adds something to your life and it will always lift-up the quality of your life. I can say this from my own experience. (Okay, I understand I can not say always. Let’s say almost always)

And every time the third ceremony day has been the day of my biggest breakthroughs. You are already more open and can go deeper to the essence of yourself and your journey.


The Biggest Break-Throughs are at Day 3 in Most Cases

The biggest breakthroughs usually take place on day 3. There is not only a sequence of building up in the ceremony itself, also in the 3-day period there is a sequence of build-up the process. This is I below:

Day 1: Cleansing
Day 1 is often about cleansing. Cleansing your body, cleaning your mind and different levels. Clearing things that no longer serve you. This can be quite a relief and you will benefit from this healing. However, this is not always the case. As described earlier in this article, some people struggle to enter their inner journey on Day 1.

Day 2: Go deeper

On Day 2 you can go deeper. The medicine is already in your system. You have had a physical cleanup, your portals are more open and so you can go deeper inside on your 2nd ceremony day. Sometimes people feel that they can already go home after day 2 since so much healing has already taken place.

Day 3: Essence of your healing

‘There is something magical about the number 3.’ Think about the triangle, father/mother/child or past/present/future. They say ‘Everything comes in 3’. The same for a 3-day Ayahuasca Ceremony.

There is something special about attending a 3-day Ayahuasca Ceremony. After the 2 previous days you are more open to Mother Ayahuasca and. Ofter times the biggest breakthroughs take place on the 3rd day. On the third day you have less expectation or intentions that you want to work on. Therefore you are more open for what Mother Ayahuasca wants to show you. There is less anxiety or tension so you are more receptive. That is where you want to be. Ayahuasca can give you the greatest treasures if you are able to surrender.  You can get deeper into the essence of your healing.


Benefits of a 3-Day Ayahuasca Retreat

A 3 day Ayahuasca Retreat does not only has added value regarding your personal healing. The group process is also more beautiful since you make a deeper connection with each other. Below are some benefits of a 3 day Ayahuasca Retreat:

  • Greater chance of deeper healing
  • You really take a break for yourself
  • More time to make a connection with the group
  • You can get more to the core of your healing
  • Better understanding of the medicine
  • Opportunity to connect with yourself, the group and the guidance
  • You will learn more about yourself
  • More certainty that the ceremonies will bring you a transformation that you hope for
  • You can relax more during a 3 day Retreat and get more inner peace
  • You take your healing work more seriously
  • You will get more wisdom from inside yourself
  • There is more room for your process
  • 3 ceremonies is more effective than just a one-day ceremony
  • More chance that you will get the insights you are hope for
  • Nice to connect with like-minded people

3-Day Ayahuasca Retreat with Shaman

Do you want to attend a 3-day Ayahuasca Retreat? In collaboration with a Shaman, I organise 3 day Ayahuasca Ceremonies in the Netherlands, see the dates below:

  • Thursday June 28 to Sunday 1st of July (still 1 spot left) &
  • Thursday July 5th to Sunday 8th of July (3 spots free)

* There is also the possibility to do a Kambo session

We have 4 spots left in total. So if you want to be there, go to the page for more information & registration:



My First Ayahuasca Experience – Life Changing

Ayahuasca experience – Mariska – I felt that I had to do it!

Would you like to know more about Ayahuasca?

Are you interesting in Ayahuasca? Would you like to know more about Ayahuasca? Please fill in your name & email-address and you will receive more information, dates and other updates from us about Ayahuasca!

Auteur Blog – Maria Johanna

Maria Johanna kan je begeleiden in je persoonlijke groei en bij je spirituele ontwakingsproces. Ze helpt je te connecten met je hart om te ontdekken wie je bent en wat je wilt in je leven. Dit doet ze in de vorm van schrijvenlezingen, workshops, coaching, meditatie en Retreats. Daarnaast is ze auteur van het boekQuarterlife Challenge – in 20 dagen weten wat je wilt‘. Bedenker van de KRACHT-techniek.

Social Media

Mocht je mij willen volgen op social media? Kun je mij volgen op FacebookInstagram en YouTube, mijn periscope naam is ‘Maria Johanna’. Op Facebook geef ik dagelijkse inspiratie om iedere dag bewust te leven. Op youtube post ik wekelijkse inspiratie video’s om een diepere bewustwording te verspreiden.

Suggesties voor mijn video’s? Laat je reactie achter!

Ik besef me dat ik helemaal vol ben van ayahuasca, maar wil je natuurlijk ook op andere gebieden helpen. Heb je suggesties voor mijn video’s? Waar zou je mee geholpen worden? Wat is je uitdaging? Waar wil je graag een video over zien? Met welke levensvragen loop je? Laat je reactie hieronder achter! Dank je wel 🙂

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