What happened when I decided to stop with Ayahuasca?

I feel that it’s time to share more about my journey and what happened from the moment I decided to stop my Ayahuasca ceremonies. Stop doing what I have loved the most and what has been my greatest passion for years.

Still Ayahuasca is the best thing that has happened to me (so far).

Now that I stop, I feel like I have been running a marathon for years. Now I discover that walking is also an option. From my experience: Working with Ayahuasca requires 100% dedication.

I have given a lot in recent years. I even shared my house (my private space) with all my Ayahuasca participants. It has always been a great pleasure and I have done it with all my love. See more in the video or read further in my blog …

A House of Oneness

I wanted to create ‘A House of Oneness’.  A place where everybody was welcome and could do it’s inner work. This mission has been accomplished !! I have welcomed everyone who entered my house with open arms and cared about them all. I can tell you: ‘That has been a lot of people!’

I helped over 2880 people

I realize that in 1 year more than 576 people participated in one of my ceremonies. In my Ayahuasca Career I have helped approximately 576 * 5 years = 2,880 people. Next to that I have reached people from all over The World via my YouTube Channel. Many have found their way to Ayahuasca because of my video’s.

Everybody happy

I always wanted everyone to make be happy and satisfied. One lesson that I have learned is that it’s an impossible goal and a huge responsibility. It is like Ayahuasca “Life gives you what you need.” And you are the one who can make the best out of it. Well, I feel I did!

I have grown so much

Ayahuasca helped me to grow in many ways. I am forever grateful for that! I have worked hard and learned a lot. With this I carried a big responsibility. The decision to stop working with Ayahuasca made me feel a lot lighter. I feel that there is a lot more space for me now and my private life.

Doing nothing.

For weeks I wanted to do nothing or at least as little as possible. And what happens if you do nothing? Then life will spontaneously bring new things. I soon feel my new mission calling.

Put myself first

In the past weeks/months I wanted to take really good care of myself. I started to follow a plant diet full of nutrients, living enzymes and other rich nutrients. A major breakthrough for me is that I have finally healed my skin. For years I searched for a solution, an appropriate diet and I found it. Finally, a good skin which is a relief for me.

More Benefits of this plant diet

Other benefits that I experience are;

  • I sleep (even) better
  • Opstaan vol energie
  • Make up full of energy
  • I have more energy during the day
  • No sugar cravings
  • Spontaneous motivation to exercise (this is new for me)
  • Spiritual growth
  • A clear mind
  • It helps me to set my boundaries
  • Detoxing of my organs (I love the Cleanse Days)
  • It helped mt friend to loose 17 kilo’s in 4 months
  • And it even helped here to get out of her burnout (This is how I found out about these products)

My Daily Ayahuasca

It is a superfood plant diet that is full of good nutrients. I call it ‘My Daily Ayahuasca’. I am used to be one of the first with new things (trendsetter). For example; I was the first Dutch person talking openly about Ayahuasca at YouTube.

Call me Crazy?

Many people thought that I was crazy or had other judgements about me. Maybe it is going to be the same with my new path. Whatever path I walk. I know that it is authentic and I can only do what is authentic. I am not an expert on food yet. I am learning every day. It gives me so much energy and lots of positive energy. All that I know now is that I experience incredible results with these products and I feel super happy about it.

I can not, not share it!

My ego still occasionally protests. I have asked the Universe if I can please get some rest, but the new is knocking so hard. I can’t share it. My enthusiasm is so great and my nature is to help others by sharing.

I could not have imagined it myself!

Without having thought of it, I have found my new passion. Just like this happened at Ayahuasca. They say “He who seeks will find.”

I would say “You cannot avoid what you mean.”

Full of gratitude

As I am writing this, I feel tears of gratitude in my eyes. The realization that life takes sush good care of me. What I also say about my new plant-based diet: “I eat gratitude daily.” Because I feel grateful for it every day.

Youtube & Travel

In my video I share more about my new path. Now that I have more time, I am looking forward to be spend more time on 2 other passions: YouTube & Travel. I feel butterflies in my stomach when I think about 2020. A new year, A new life. This year I am not organizing a New Year’s party at my house (sorry). I am celebrating my New Year at Ibiza. Already looking forward to it!!

Share your story

My new life will also be filled with traveling. I love to discover new places, meet Ayahuasca participants of my ceremonies. I love take the time to listen their stories and would like to share them with the world through my YouTube Channel and Podcast. (Subscribe to my YouTube Channel. My Podcast follows soon)

Do you want to share your story on my YouTube or Podcast? Let me know via email info@mariajohanna.com. I’ll take a look if it fits into my travel plans.

Heb je Vragen/Ideeën/Suggesties?

Heb je vragen aan mij? Komen er ideeën bij je op? Wil je meer weten over mijn nieuwe plantendieet en heb je hier vragen over? Deze zijn welkom in de comments onder deze blog. Voel je vrij om je vragen te stellen. Veel liefs, Maria Johanna

Auteur Blog – Maria Johanna

Maria Johanna kan je begeleiden in je persoonlijke groei en bij je spirituele ontwakingsproces. Ze helpt je te connecten met je hart om te ontdekken wie je bent en wat je wilt in je leven. Dit doet ze in de vorm van schrijvenlezingen, workshops, coaching, meditatie en Retreats. Daarnaast is ze auteur van het boekQuarterlife Challenge – in 20 dagen weten wat je wilt‘. Bedenker van de KRACHT-techniek.

Social Media

Mocht je mij willen volgen op social media? Kun je mij volgen op FacebookInstagram en YouTube, mijn periscope naam is ‘Maria Johanna’. Op Facebook geef ik dagelijkse inspiratie om iedere dag bewust te leven. Op youtube post ik wekelijkse inspiratie video’s om een diepere bewustwording te verspreiden.

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