WeekVlog#24 Saying goodbye to Ayahuasca.. Or not..?

Do you ever wonder: ‘What is my purpose in life?’, ‘Is life predestined or am I writing my own script?’, ’How can I make a change in my life? or ’How can I live my dreams?

I love those kind of questions. Several times I have been changing my life. I see now.. Every time I start something new I don’t have a plan. So I want to say to you. If you want to make a change.. If you have a feeling to make a new start.. You just need to jump. 

It’s difficult to start something new when you are still in the old, but I am already starting to write down some ideas. I have got so much inspiration! New starts are so beautiful and full of energy.

Stop things which doesn’t serve you anymore

Life is all about energy management. Stop things which doesn’t serve you anymore. Sometimes it’s harder to stop something than to start something new because we love comfort. I’ve been stopping so many times and it becomes easier every time. Because you experience again and again that life will give you something greater instead.

I’ve been starting so many times. Thinks like: My book, different websites, blogging, making video’s, vlogging, traveling by myself, creating seminars, coaching programs, my current website Mariajohanna.com, living in Bali, going to Ibiza, organizing Retreats, doing Ayahuasca and much more.

Start with an open mind without a plan, but with a huge feeling of inspiration. Feel and just jump. Life will never let you down when you follow your heart. I am not saying that it’s easy. It can be a bumpy road sometimes, but it makes you grow. 

When you close a door to the past, new doors will open

At this moment I feel like so many doors are opening. I closed 1 door and I am standing in a hall way where 10 new doors are in front of me. I have to make a decision which door I will open. Behind every door there are another 10 doors that I can open.. The opportunities are unlimited. It’s important for me to live in the moment, stay connected and feel. Then I will know what to decide.

In this weekvlog I am showing you my last Ayahuasca Ceremonies in The Netherlands. I expected to be very emotional, but I was just very happy. We have had so many beautiful experiences in this house.

It doesn’t feel like a goodbye forever. It feels like breaking up a love relationship. I still love Ayahuasca, but somehow I need to go on by myself for a while. Another ‘partner’ is waiting for me. But the love for Ayahuasca is forever and I will carry this experience always in my heart .

I have a huge feeling that I want to contribute to the growth and awakening of others. But first I need to help myself and grow to a higher purpose.

I am going to Peru !

The first new thing that came on my path is Peru. I am so curious about my journey to Peru. Life is telling me all the time: enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! So I will. This is a journey that I have been longing for so long. I have had a lot of visions about Peru. Also in my Ayahuasca ceremonies. Several times I have experienced to be connected with Shamans from Peru. This makes me curious.

So… I thought I was saying goodbye to Ayahuasca.. But.. Can you imagine me without Ayahuasca? Next week I will go to Peru and join ceremonies with the Shipibo Shamans… Looking so much forward!

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