Weekvlog # 9 Balance is key

Last week I was already talking about listening to your inner voice. Life goes by itself. I talk about this so much, because I experience it this way. Every day the sun comes up and goes down without any effort.

The only thing that makes life difficult is our mind. The mind is telling you how your life should be or shouldn’t be.

The thing that we have to do is meditate and put our mind aside… Open yourself, clean your channels and receive. You don’t need to think very much or to work very hard. Let life flow through you! I am not saying that this is always easy. But the only thing that counts is your own truth..

The key to live a good life is to have balance in your life. You need to have pleasure and peace. When you have enough peace you can have a better vision about yourself and your life. And pleasure will bring also a light energy in your life. Please, don’t be too serious.

Everything is energy and energy is at the same time communication. The Universe communicates with intentions which are formed by energy.

We all have visible and invisible intentions. Intentions that we are aware of and intentions that we are not aware of. This is the constant communication between you and source.

First you need to be aware of it. It’s always there. You are always in connection with a higher consciousness. The more peace you have, the more you connect with this higher consciousness. Then you will receive deeper insights and more wisdom. Be aware of the energy you create and the intentions you put into your reality.

As Yaela is telling in the video: ‘We all have an invisible antenna and that’s the way we receive information. Be in gratitude and everything will follow.’ She refers to the quote: ’If prayer is you talking to God. Then intuition is God talking to you.’

We have to do our own research to find out how much influence we have on our life. Test it, play with it and the most important thing; take care of yourself, so your life is in balance.

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