Weekvlog # 8 Destiny found me

The more awake you become, the more you see that life is in constant communication with you.

I believe we all have a deeper purpose. I see life as a game where you can experience yourself as a human being. Before you came here you wrote your plan of life. This story is written in the Stars (in the Akasha). When you incarnate here, you forget this story and even more important you forgot who you are.

It’s our job to bring back our awareness and awaken our consciousness to remember our true nature and our purpose in our lives.

Before you came here you have chosen a destiny. You discover your destiny if you look at symbols in your life. This is what I meant by ‘Life is in constant communication with you’.

Life is communicating in symbols, coincidences, synergy and through your inner voice. That voice which is speaking without speaking. In the outer world it’s very helpful to follow the symbols of life. These symbols and the synergy of life are helping us to find our destiny. Or you can turn it around. Destiny will find you!

The condition to let destiny find you is to open up yourself and to let go of all the insecurities. That’s why so many people lose everything that they think defines them, before they find their true purpose. All the things that we identify ourselves with. For example our job, our partner, our name and our life style.

I made a challenge to help people follow their inner voice. I believe that we came here with a mission and now is the time to awake for your higher purpose. A very unique path where you need courage and inner strength.

Trust. Have faith. Life takes care of you. Let it unfold out of your heart. In this video I find my higher purpose! It’s amazing!!

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Author Blog – Maria Johanna

My name is Maria Johanna from The Netherlands (Amsterdam) and I can help you in your personal growth and your spiritual awakening. I started this journey by publishing my (Dutch) book ‘Quarterlife Challenge – Know what you want in 20 days’. With led to many other things. I would love to inspire you and help you in different ways such as; writing, giving lectures, workshops, meditations. My main focus is at arranging Retreats and Ayahuasca Ceremonies.

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