Vlog#55 Everything Happens for a Reason

My journey at Bali continues and I feel so much inner peace, acceptance and appreciation. That’s exactly the spirit of the island. The energy in Ubud is so peaceful and relaxing. It made me feel so Zenn. Sometimes I did not even recognise myself? I was so used to be always busy over the last 2 years. Doing nothing is not easy for me! Hahaha!

I love the rituals from the Balinese people. The moment they wake up they do a blessings ritual and give their thanks. Being in Ubud you feel  automatically this gratitude and that’s the wonderful state I’m in right now.

Life is a Game

I was meeting a friend and we spoke about the reality we live in. This brought me back to my very first Ayahuasca Ceremony where I’ve had my spiritual awakening.

Ayahuasca showed me that Life is a Game! That we are living in a kind of virtual reality. We are all avatars playing our roles. All the people around us are just players in our own personal movie. You can go deep into the rabbit hole, into the darkness or raise your vibration and have a whole other experience.

You can be playful with your live. If you change your believes it will immediate have an effect on your reality. Believes impact your reality and in the end it’s up to you what you want to believe and experience.

Ubud Means Medicine. It’s a great place to reflect on life

Ubud means medicine and The Balinese People say that everyone who come to Ubud conscious or unconscious need a healing.

Sometime it’s good to be by yourself away from your normal life, away from family and friend to have time to reflect. I love it!

The last few days I realised that I’ve been really busy working, helping others and doing Ayahuasca Ceremonies. I have helped so many people with my Ayahuasca ceremonies. Wauw! 

My ceremonies were always fully booked and I was constantly helping people and contributing. It has been a huge blessing! All of it. From the beginning until the end. I see this journey as a bridge between my old and my new life.

I asked myself: ‘What if I go on helping others? What does this bring to me personally?’ 

The only Thing we have is Now !

I love to live in the moment and let life happen! If you are living in the moment, you can ‘by coincidence’ end up in a very special place or situation. Bali is giving me a lot of miracles and special moments.

When you surrender to the moment and you are connected with your feelings, the best things are happening to you. Check my video above.

Everything Happens for a Reason

So, you’ll see. If you live in the now and you let life take control, everything can happen. And I’m sure that everything happens for a reason.

I see that it is a blessing to have time for myself. I can reflect on life, enjoy the moment and see what life has in store for me. You can’t always see in the moment why things are happening. Looking back it will all make sense. One thing is for sure; I am having a good time at Bali!

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Vlog#55 Everything Happens for a Reason

I continue my journey on Bali and I feel so much inner peace, acceptance and appreciation. That’s exactly the spirit of the island. The energy in Ubud is so peaceful and relaxing. I don’t feel the need to achieve anything at the moment. Just live in the moment and being in the now. If you live in the now and you let life take control, everything can happen.