Vlog#35 Trust that Life will take care of you!

Do you ever take time to reflect on your past? What happened last year? Or the last few years? I have been reflecting a lot lately. I realized that It is exactly 3 years ago that I started MariaJohanna.com. OMG! So many things happened. Life has given me so much beauty. All the ups and downs makes it even more beautiful.

I‘ve been taking the action from my heart and life gave me an amazing adventure. Wow! Sometimes it’s helpful to look back and see where you came from. Time is a funny concept. From one perspective so many things happened. But sometimes when you look to the future we wish time would move faster. When I look back at the 3 years of MariaJohanna.com, so many things happened. I could never have imagined that my life would be as good as it is right now. I feel so grateful.

So I want to ask you too to go back three years ago? Where were you at that time and where are you now? What were your ups? What were your downs? What did you learn? And for what are you grateful?

I have experienced that if you open up yourself and surrender to life, it will give you miracles! Sometimes you don’t know why you are taking the steps that you feel you have to take. It can feel uncertain or look strange from a rational point of view.

But only one thing is certain in life and that is that everything is uncertain. That is what makes you feel alive. It brings up all possibility. I feel that this is our nature! Sometime you have to jump into the adventure to feel alive. If you follow your passion and your bliss, everything comes by itself. The right people, the right places. Life will take care of you! Trust!

I went to my agency for my new business plans. In the car I had some insights about my character. I realized that I don’t like it when someone tells me what to do. I think it’s some kind of protection and in a way a kind of self love. I also had this in my love relationships. I had some boyfriends who could be very jealous. I didn’t understand this emotion, because jealousy is not in my program. As I wanted to make everybody happy, I tried to act differently. By pleasing them I denied myself, because I can only be myself and act the way I feel.

Your character is significant and it has a great influence on your life. It’s your nature. My character is also in my company. Other people can see me as chaotic. The more I follow my nature, the more difficult it is for me to live based on a planning, on structure and on a logical mind. In nature you will never see a straight line of a corner from 90 degrees. This is the human mind, but not our nature.

My character is like a butterfly. If I have a feeling, I want to take immediate action to accomplice it. I feel like a child who is playing in a garden. I realize that this is my strength to be like a butterfly, but because of this, it can also be difficult to work with me. The same is true for my love relations. One thing is for sure: it’s never boring to be with me 😉

When I came home I went to bed early and I was wondering why I felt so much gratitude about my life and the work that I do with Ayahuasca. I think it’s because I’m so happy when other people are happy. Life chose me to do this work and I do it with all my love and purity. I’m so grateful about it. I wish that everyone could experience an Ayahuasca Ceremony ones in their life, because it gives so much healing and self love. It’s very important that Ayahuasca is seen as a healing medicine and is taken serious in the world today. I’m tremendously grateful for my Ayahuasca work and who I’m today.

I was making myself ready for my father’s birthday. Whenever there’s a party I like to dress up and wear more make-up that I normally do. I realize that this is not how a spiritual woman would look in the eyes of most people. But I don’t want to deny the part of me that really likes femininity. I love parties, to wear nice dresses and dance! This is just part of me!

The next morning, I stayed in bed for a long time, until 12 o’clock in the afternoon! I normally don’t do this because I’m always up early. But this time I was just very relax and stayed in bed to watch some videos.

What we as humans need to remember, is that we can find all the answers inside. Everything is inside ourselves. We just have to surrender to life and act on our inner feelings. Following your feelings means that you sometimes have to take the uncertain path. But please remember that you’ll find the most opportunities there, because on this path everything is open and possible. If you make a whole detailed plan you limit and restrict your life. Just trust in life.

It’s amazing to jump into the unknown and trust that life will take care of you. Don’t think about how things should be or how they should workout, because life will always give you something else and most of the time better and more perfect then you could ever imagine. If you really want to make a plan, keep it short and simple and leave space for all opportunities to flow in. Open yourself for uncertainty. Open your arms and receive, experience and enjoy your path.

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  1. Andy Snook
    Andy Snook says:

    Hello Maria, luving your vids first saw you in Peru chatting about your experiences with the healing plant I have a strong calling to do this myself now I’m 63 now bodybuilder lived and trained in America golds gym where I trained with some big names in the 80’s partyed hard maybe to hard lol great times with some not so good times such is life hey just done 3 T V shows reality M T V, and / more for channel 4 &5 I luv my life but I’m getting this calling from the healing plant to open doors meet my spiritual ancestors and find some answers really would like to talk to you more in depth. You seem really open happy and honest, look forward to meeting you soon. Andy.


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