Vlog#33 Lisbon with Amazing Friends

This week I went to Lisbon with my amazing friends Sharon and Maria-Louise. It was a special trip that was organized because Sharon is moving to Bonaire. So it was kind of a goodbye trip for her, although we’ll still be in contact when she lives in the Caribbean (Bonaire).

Coincidence at the Airport

When we arrived in Portugal, our trip began with a crazy coincidence. We were waiting in a very long queue for the taxis. When we suddenly saw our other friend, who was also going to join us on our trip. She was together with her kids, just about to take a taxi. Because she was traveling with two small children she had priority, and we were so lucky that we could join her without having to wait for a very long time. We could almost not belief this perfect ‘coincidence’ and how lucky we were, but for me there are no coincidences. Everything has a purpose 🙂

Age of Aquarius

The next few days we were sightseeing Lisbon. It’s a very gentle city with great cafes, shops and very nice buildings. We went to the palace and walked through the beautiful garden. The fountain with all the statues was very impressive. It was telling the story about the coming of the new age of Aquarius. On earth we are in the middle of the transition from the age of Pisces to Aquarius. This also brings a lot of turmoil as we can see everywhere in the world at the moment. But we have to hold on to our nature and our nature is love, not fear. Eventually, we have to do this together, as a collective human race. For me this is also a very special time in history. I was born exactly between Pieces and Aquarius, so in a way I’m also in the same transition myself, from the old to the new.

The wild Ocean

Lisbon is located near the sea and one day we went to the beach. The Atlantic Ocean can be very rough. It’s was nice to feel the freedom of the wind and the wild Ocean. When we came home Sharon wanted to bring the food that was left over to a homeless person that she saw earlier. I was a bit tired and not really in the mood, but when we found the man on the street and gave him the food, I felt already better. Sharon is an example that we can chance the world if we really want it.

There’s so much food that we throw away every day, while other people don’t have the luxury of a decent meal. Or worse, don’t have food at all. Like the people who suffer from famine, and are dying while we in the West have food enough. I think it is our obligation to share what we have with others who have less. In the end we are all one.

I also gained the insight that when you really want something, you have to do it immediately. One of the last days in Lisbon we wanted to visit the Christ statue, but we were postponing it all the time. In the end there was no time left to see the statue. Therefore, if you want something very bad, don’t let anything stop you, but do it immediately.

Balance between material and spiritual

On a terrace I was thinking about the balance I my life between the material and the spiritual. Although I’m not very attached to material things, I something like to enjoy all the material things that life has to offer. We don’t have to be scared of having material wishes and financial goals. Our job on earth is to think, create and manifesting all the things that we can enjoy in life. For me that’s the right balance.

When something belongs to you…

On the airport we had a great lesson. Sharon and were shopping tax-free and she was interested in a very nice headband. I was giving her no attention and said: “Go to the next store, I will follow later, I’m still looking at some stuff” On our way to the airplane she regretted that she didn’t bought this beautiful headband. I was telling her that sometimes you have to let go in life, and when something really belongs to you, it will come to you, in one way of another. At the time that we were on the plane I gave her the headband, that I bought secretly while she  was shopping in the other stores. She was of course very surprised and happy with it.

So if you want a thing in your life, then sometimes it’s not the right time yet. You have to let go and be patient. And you’ll see that when something really belongs to you, it will come to you. In a way that you cannot imagine.

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