Vlog#29 Traveling to Ibiza and Retreat

After my amazing journey to Peru, where I learned so much, I was back home in Amsterdam for just a few days to leave again for Ibiza! For me Ibiza is a magical place and it’s my favorite spot to organize and do my retreats.

On the airport I met Monique. I had spoken with her on Facebook and in that conversation we found out we would be on the same flight to Ibiza! It felt immediately very good to meet and see her. Like sisters! On the flight I had very nice conversations with a few older ladies. We spoke about life and everything that has to do with it. Very special!


When I arrived at Ibiza I first took a nice, warm bath 🙂 I already decided to stay longer on the island than I initially intended, but now I was also thinking and dreaming about the possibility to maybe even live on Ibiza for a while. The accommodation where I stayed the first days was very nice. I had a room with sea view from where I could work and plan my appointments.

Reflecting on Peru

I was also still reflecting on my Peru trip and the Ayahuasca experiences that I had at the Pachamama Temple. For me the shamanistic setting was kind of new. I already had a lot of experience with ‘the Ayahuasca work’ at the Santo Daime church in Amsterdam and I organized for more than a year my own therapeutic ceremonies in the Netherlands. But I had never had done a Ceremony with a Shaman, and never experienced the magic power of their healing songs. Now, I had to implement my Ayahuasca journeys in real life and let all the joy that I felt and is always there for us, into my day-to-day experience.

Arrival at the villa

Then we arrived at the villa where the retreat would take place. It was already late at night and the owner of the villa, his name is Stefan, made a warm and cozy fire for us and even created a sleeping place next to the fire. We could see all the stars right from our bed. We had a great night!

The retreat ‘Come home to yourself and become the Real You’

The next day my retreat started. I went to the Airport to pick up the attendees and we had an intro session. I explained that it was not just a holiday (although it felt like a holiday, being in such a luxuries villa with a nice swimming pool!) But that we were there to work on our ourselves, on our dreams, our mission in life and that the goals was to eventually become ‘THE REAL YOU!’

Workshops, Yoga and silence day

We had workshops and every morning we started with an amazing yoga class of Fraukje Jasmine. There was also one silence day planned. This is very special, because in the process of silence you will be confronted with yourself and you’ll be forced to go within, where you can find all the love and all the answers that you need.

Es Vedra

We also went to see the holy and mysterious island Es Vedra, that rises up 400 meters from the sea. Many stories are told about this majestic rock and the most well-known is that the island is in fact the remaining tip of the sunken civilization of Atlantis. This place is considered to have positive healing energy and that’s why we held a ceremony on the cost opposite of Es Vedra.

Singing bowls and nice food

We had a very special healing session with singing bowls. It was very relaxing. And every day we enjoyed the nice vegetarian food and the gorgeous accommodation. It really felt so good to be in the Villa again and to do my retreat. At the last day everyone made their own inspirational vision board. Very inspiring, also to hear the stories behind it. By making a vision board like that, you actually set an intention and send it out to the universe. By practicing the frequency of you goals and desires in this way, you already take the first step towards manifesting it!

Cause of depression

After the ceremony I was thinking about depression and burn-out. I hear so many stories about people that have it or experienced it. Because of their work or other situations in life, they seem to ignore their feelings. When the stress becomes too high the body is shutting down everything, until you can latterly not even do the simplest things, because it takes too much energy.

Follow you feelings and become the REAL YOU

I think the solution to prevent that you get into a depression or burn-out is to let go, surrender and always live from your feelings. Life is actually an illusion. That’s what I experienced in my first Ayahuasca experience. This inner journey showed me that life is a game and because of that realization I became immediately the ‘NEW ME’. When you become this ‘REAL YOU’ you will see that there’s not even another choice than to follow your feelings instead of the decisions made by your head. There’s only the feeling that counts!

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