Vlog #27 Life Changing Ayahuasca Adventure in Peru! – Part3


We started day 2 of our Ayahuasca retreat in Peru at Pachamama Temple with a Tobacco ceremony. In the Amazon Tobacco is seen as a very powerful plant medicine, that can bring healing and also give protection during different ceremonies. A Tobacco session is done to clean the body, but also to cleanse it on an energetic level.

At first you drink a small cup of tea made of the tobacco plant. Immediately after that you drink as much lukewarm water as you can and automatically you will feel that you have to vomit. The hardest thing is then to keep on drinking as much water as you can. Your mind will start to tell you that you can’t. It will say things like: ‘Ooooh, why do you do this?’, ‘This is stupid.’, ‘This is enough.’, ‘Just stop it. It’s enough.’

But still you go on drinking and vomiting. This process will clean your body on many different levels. Maybe there are some old pains or frustrations that are still in your system and you can release these by vomiting.

As a human we tend to swallow all kinds of different emotions, that we can’t or think we may not express at the moment we feel them in life. If we don’t express these feelings, they are saved in the body and can even develop into some kind of illness. By doing a Tobacco Purge Ceremony you can release these forgotten pains again or let go of illness that came from these forgotten and stored emotions.

It might not seem so nice to do, but when you are ready with vomiting you will feel so much inner piece at a level I can’t explain. You will feel this through your whole body, from your head to your toes. Very beautiful.

The Tobacco used by the Shipibo shamans is different than the tobacco we smoke in the Western world. The Indians use the pure leaves, without the chemical processes we carryout to create Tobacco for cigarettes. Thereby is it used in a very different way, more ceremonial. We smoke cigarettes as a consumption good, without any form of ritual or deeper purpose. That’s also why we get addicted to Tobacco and it even will make us sick. In the Amazon it’s used for special purposes, in a sacred way. To clean the body and also to give protection against external influences. I believe that this is what this beautiful plant medicine is meant for by nature.


After our Tobacco ceremony we had a traditional flower bath. This flower bath felt so good. I was only smiling and laughing. It almost felt like an orgasm to me. 🙂 And also the coconut we ate at the fruit store, was so good. I love it. In this way Peru is really paradise on earth.

During the day we had a lot of conversations about our Ayahuasca experiences on the first night. Many people had beautiful inner journeys, including myself. The great thing about being in a retreat centre like Pachamama Temple, is that you get support from the other participants. You can share stories and it feels like you do it together, although an Ayahuasca journey is still something you have to go through alone. This is what truly makes you stronger.


In the second Ayahuasca ceremony of the retreat the Icaros (the songs that the shamans sing during the ceremony) where so magical. I met my grandmother and she showed me visions of my childhood. She showed me how much she loves me and was giving me teachings about self-love. It was amazing!

I also learned a big lesson that I need to have more peace. That I don’t need to seek outside of myself to feel happiness and joy, and that I don’t have to depend on others to feel good. Just enjoy the here and now, and have peace with everything that is.

The Pachamama retreat centre is such an amazing place. I want to contribute and help you to also go there! You can find more information at:

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