Vlog#26 Life Changing Ayahuasca Adventure in Peru! Part 2


The first day we had the honor to create our own Ayahuasca (medicine) for our ceremonies. Ayahuasca is made out of 2 different plants. One is the Vine and the other plant is the Chacruna. The Vine is used for the MAO-inhibitor. The leaves of the Chacruna are used for the DMT. Ayahuasca is a marriage between the Vine and the Chacruna and the two plants together become a very powerful healing medicine.

Normally the enzymes in our stomach are breaking down DMT, but the MAO-inhibitor ensures that the enzymes are switched off for a few hours. In those hours the DMT in the Ayahuasca can have its effect. The DMT is opening gateways to make a deep inner journey through our subconscious mind.


In the beginning of my first ceremony I felt resistance. I was worried about the people of the group. I did not know if I could allow myself to go fully into the World of Ayahuasca. I have been struggling with this for a couple of hours. Meanwhile I was breaking some of the ceremony rules. 


I was going out of the ceremony room, making video’s and thought that I was done and it was just not working for me this time. I knew on some level that I was resisting something.. I felt a desire for affection and need for connection.. Very strong, but I knew it was not possible. I was just on my own.


I’ve been guiding many people in their Ayahuasca ceremonies, and I have seen many people in resistance and now I was the one resisting something. But what? I guess you know what… LOVE! This is what we all do. We don’t allow ourselves to go to a higher level of joy, happiness and love.


At one moment I went to my room and there I was so touched by all the lights that were put there with so much love and care. At that moment a dog came to me and I broke down in tears! It was as if a flower in my heart opened up and I could feel al the love and beauty floating through my body


It made me feel so happy. Finally I was ready to go into my inner journey. It was all about joy. Not just joy, but joy on a very high level. I could download amazingly high frequencies of joy and happiness. My whole journey was one big pleasure. It went on until the next morning and I did not get any sleep. But there was only joy from a heavenly power and I can still feel it until today.


I love the work of the Shamans so much. They bring healing with their healing songs that are called Icaros. I experienced this as very powerful! Every time a Shaman came to me, it was very clear that they were healing and helping me. I could see that they took my worries away, with their songs. Amazing!


Often times people receive messages about planet Earth in Ayahuasca Ceremonies or they experience the love that they have for nature. I have experienced that quite some times and also this time. I was above the Earth and above the Earthly Game that we play. Here I was talking with other players and telling them ‘Are we not done with all this childish things on Earth? Like violence, war, how we treat each other. Can we not jus grow up?’ I experienced myself as very passionate and powerful and at the same time I had a lot of fun. It’s easy for me to dream a better dream. Let’s love each other, let’s love ourselves and create a lovable dream together. Love is the solution to everything. 


My big message was to enjoy life on a higher level. Don’t resist it. I need to open the door so more love to get in. The door is my heart in this case. I went through the pain of needing connection with someone and that was not possible at that moment. And being by myself, touched by the pain of wanting intimacy with someone but not getting it, was exactly what was so beautiful. To go through the pain just by myself is what made me stronger and made me grow. All the joy that I felt after I went through the pain, was nothing compared to all the joy that Ayahuasca gave me afterwards. All I had to do and all I wanted was just to enjoy.


In my next vlog I will share my second Ayahuasca Ceremony in Peru. We will also do a vomiting session to cleanse the body. I don’t look forward to this session, but I have to go through the resistance. So keep up with my adventures in Peru and watch my next vlog!

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