1 and 2 Day Healing Ceremonies

Healing Ceremony with Shaman Taita Leonel Tascon in the Netherlands

At November 18, 19, 22 , 23, 25, 26, 29 and 30 2019 we organise Healing Ceremonies guided by Taita Leonel Tascon and Vincent. Taita Leonel Tascon is an amazing Colombian shaman from the Embera Chami tribe. They call Taita Leonel Tascon ‘The right hand of God’, because he has a strong healing power. During the Ceremony he will also use other  healing medicines like Tabacco, Mambé, Ambil and Rapé. The price for the Healing Ceremony with Taita Leonel is 397 euro (1 day) and 750 (2 days). You will read more information about these medicines later on this page.

 The Ceremonies will take place on our beautiful location near Amsterdam. On this page you will find more information about these special Ceremonies and you can  directly subscribe to the ceremonies.

Experience Maria Johanna

Last summer I did a Healing Ceremony under the guidance of Sjamaan Taita Leonel Tascon. This has brought a major transformation for me. It’s very impressive to see Sjamaan Taita Leonel Tascon work. He could literally distort the clouds, make the wind blow, ignite the fire and let the water flow.

And more important: He can bring deep healing with his gift. When he is in the power of medicine, he has the ability to remove all your negative energy out of your system and to fully harmonize your body. For example, he can; heal trauma, cure illnesses, get people off medication and all this in just 1 or 2 sessions.

From my perspective: Shaman Taita Leonel Tascon can perform miracles! That is why I love to invite you to experience this! Taita Leonel is still in the Netherlands for a few days. Then he goes back to Colombia. So: Make time to be there, because you want to experience this !!

How does the Healing Ceremony of Taita Leonel go?

Collaboration between Maria Johanna and Vincent

Together with Vincent I organise these very special Ceremonies that are guided by Shaman Taita Leonel. We have often lost sight of each other in life, but over the years life has kept us on each other’s path again and again. We have both developed an incredible passion for plant medicines and also for South America. For example, Vincent went on a trip to South America to study plant medicine and learn about it.

As they say, “The teacher appears when the student is ready.” Thus Taita Leonel appeared on Vincent’s path. He works with various plant medicines. Among other things with a truffle called Los Niños Santos (the holy children) that has a special healing power. Vincent is impressed by the gift that Taita Leone has and how he works with this medicine. The moment Vincent shared his experience with me (Maria Johanna), I thought, “I want to experience this and share it with others.”

At November 18, 19, 22 , 23, 25, 26, 29 and 30 2019, Vincent and Taita Leone are coming to the Netherlands and we will organise 1 and 2 day Healing Ceremony with this special medicine. Do you want to participate?

Price 1 day 397 euro, 2 days 750 euro. You can book a 1 Day or a 2 Day Retreat. Dates are:

1 or 2 Day Healing Sessions

  • Monday 18 November (Fully Booked)
  • Tuesday November 19 (Fully Booked)
  • Friday 22 November (Fully Booked)
  • Saturday November 23 (Fully Booked)
  • Monday November 25 (*4 spots left)
  • Tuesday November 26 (*4 spots left)
  • Friday November 29 ((Fully Booked)
  • Saturday November 30 (Fully Booked)
    *arrival 17.00/5.00 pm, checkout 12.30 h.(around mid day)

About the Shaman: Taita Leonel Tuscon

Taita Leonel comes from the Embera Chami tribe who speaks the Embera language. Previously they lived on the Pacific side of Colombia, but have been moved to other areas due to industrial interests. The Emberas now live mainly in the Andes and in the jungles near the Andes.

Taita Leonel lives in a community of 300 family / tribe members in a mountain area against the town of Valparaiso. When they arrived in this area there were 2 rivers and there was not much. With time and a lot of spiritual work, which mainly consists of prayers with the tabacos, they have been able to energetically restore this teritorium to activate the sources. There are now 27 rivers active in their area.

In their teritoria when they do a lot of tobacco prayers, the earth starts shaking at night, because then the prayers are answered by the earth. Just as it is heard by the other elements that in their own way also send out signals.

The medicines they work with are the truffles, the tabacos, rapé, mambé and ambil.

Tiata Leonel works with the medicine according to indigenous traditions and has 35 years of experience. He is ancestral to the medicine and knows the medicinal powers of the truffles like no other and knows how to apply these powers.

The truffles also bear the name Los Niños Santos (the holy children). Because when the truffles’ spirits sometimes appear, they are like children / little orphans who can teach you many things. The Niños grow in the dry cow pie, but only when it rains and lightning. So the rain is electrically charged and so the holy children grow with their wisdom. They are there to help us with our evolution.

Taita has an essential connection with fire and uses the energy of fire to heal people. For him, communication with the fire is very important and his tobacco prayers and rituals are completely part of that. Taita Leonel also works with a stick and a pendulum and an eagle’s leg to expel negative spirits or energies from the body. In addition, it has many more tools and techniques, but they appear when needed. He plays the harmonica, sonajes and sings.

He wants to share his medicine and the great mystery with much love and humility. And truly, those who can attend this ceremony are blessed and will experience positive changes in their lives.

Interview: How did Taita Leonel Experience to work in Europa?

Last Summer it was the first time for Taita Leonel to come over to Europe and do his healing work over here. It has been a true adventure and at the same time a wonderful experience to spread his love & healing. Do you want to know more? Please watch his video:


What can the medicine do?

Advantages of the medicine:

  • Finding meaning (what is your life about?)
  • Healing from negative thoughts.
  • Help remember who you are and what life is all about.
  • Get a deep connection with nature and your own nature.
  • Opens the energetic center and it connects us with universal intelligence.
  • Brings deep insights that help you further in your life.
  • Cleaning your aura so you can attract more positivity.
    teaches us about relationships with ourselves and our love relationship (s).
  • Connect us with the natural elements and let us experience the essence of this. The energy of the element fire plays an important role in expelling negative spirits or energies.
  • Works negative energies and spirits from our energetic body.
  • It teaches us to enjoy life even more.
  • Brings creativity and new ideas and it can boost our career or lead us into a new path where we can get even more lucky.
  • Gives very deep relaxation in the physical body.
  • An unforgettable experience together with other like-minded people.

How does the ritual work?

We start with a tobacco prayer and here we can ask for protection or help in certain aspects of our lives, we can also do a prayer for someone else here. Afterwards Taita Leonel will share a loving rapé, which will make us more open to the effect of the medicine.

After about half an hour the medicine starts to work and Taita Leonel will play a very special harmonica to collectively reach a higher frequency.

After that he will also sing and he has various other instruments such as a tambor that works very well with this medicine. Mambé and Ambil are shared before and during the ceremony, to allow pure thoughts to flow and to be able to put this into words.

These are very special medicines. People who need deep healing may come closer to the fire. Taita Leonel will do the work with his baston and use surprising instruments to rid the body of negative energies. During the ceremony he will pray with the Tabacco in his own language.

The medicine is social and interactive. That is why the ceremony will be quite dynamic. There are beds inside for people who want to rest and there will be an opportunity to talk to each other outside. Taita Leonel closes the ceremony in a circle and then everyone can rest.

Vincent’s experience with the effect of the medicine

What the medicine does for me is that it opens my energetic center and connects me with our higher intelligence, where we can tune in to the topics that we need support with. This can bring a lot of creativity and solutions to our problems or challenges. Pure relaxation and love flows through my (energetic) body.

Personally it has given me clarity, why I am here on earth and how I can contribute, how can we make it a better, liveable world together. I feel how the energy of the fire connects with my energetic system and cleanses me. It tells me the next steps in life and gives determination and confidence.

I learn that everything is love and that we are all connected and that together we can make a party of it. Everything is in perfect harmony and it teaches me to understand why the less fun things in life must happen. It helps me to take things into life as they are and that everything is part of a larger whole.

How can the medicine help?

How can this medicine help?

  • Trauma healing
  • Heal negative thoughts
  • Depression
  • Heal illnesses
  • Stop the need for mediation use
  • Spiritual Rebirth
  • Harmonize your energy so you have more inner peace.
  • It can help with a heavy pain body, physical and mental illnesses.
  • It can remove energetic blockages and cleanse the body of negative energies.
  • It promotes creativity and can offer solutions to our issues.
  • It makes us more receptive and we can perceive much wider and absorb more information.
  • It increases our frequency and brings us into positive vibrations.
  • It allows us to experience pure love and when we close our eyes we can receive visions.

Who is the medicine suitable for?

This medicine is for everyone who wants to broaden the mind and wants to learn from plant spirits. People who are looking for healing, insights or solutions. For people who just don’t dare Ayahuasca, it is a nice low-threshold medicine and you stay in control

Why the guidance of the Sjamaan?

Many of us know truffles and have already experimented with this medicine. Taita Leonel and his ancestors have been working with this medicine for over a thousand years and understand the power and healing effects like no other, which means that the potential of the medicine is fully empowered and can do its work optimally. It is a very protected, safe ceremony with taita Leonel because of his experience and energetic control.

It provides us with healing, insights, creativity and the experience of pure love, and this will further strengthen us in our daily lives.

Great location near Amsterdam

We organise our ceremonies in a beautiful villa in nature on the water near Amsterdam. The element water and earth are very much present in our ceremonies. To be connected with nature overviewing the water brings a lot of peace and space in your mind. It’s very easy to reach from Amsterdam Schiphol. Just 20 minutes by taxi. Or you can take a train and we will pick you up from the station.


  • Day 1: Ceremony 1
  • 16:00 – Arrival at venue
  • 19:00 Preparation
  • 19:30 – Welcome and Introduction
  • 20:00 – Ceremony with Mushrooms and other Medicines
  • 04:00 – Closing Ceremony
  • 4:30 Resting Time
  • Day 2: Going Home
  • +/- 10:00 – 11:00 – Breakfast
  • 11:00 Sharing & Integration
  • 12:00 Saying Goodbye
  • 12:30 Going Home
  • 04:00 – Closing Ceremony
  • 4:30 Resting Time

Data and Prices

You can book a 1 Day or a 2 Day Retreat. Dates are:

  • Monday 18 November (Fully Booked)
  • Tuesday November 19 (Fully Booked)
  • Friday 22 November (Fully Booked)
  • Saturday November 23 (Fully Booked)
  • Monday November 25 (*4 spots left)
  • Tuesday November 26 (*4 spots left)
  • Friday November 29 ((Fully Booked)
  • Saturday November 30 (Fully Booked)
    *arrival 17.00/5.00 pm, checkout 12.30 h.(around mid day)

1 Day Healing Ceremony: 397 euro
2 Day Healing Ceremonies: 750 euro


The Ceremonies will take place at a very comfortable villa with a lot of light and a beautiful overview on the water. Just 20 minutes travel from Schiphol Airport.

*You will receive the address after your subscription

Sign up

Do you want to participate in this Ceremony?  You are welcome. For good guidance, we ask you to first fill in the questionnaire.

Most Frequent Questions

How does the ceremony go?
1. speak from your heart
We start with 2 medicines that you put in your mouth. These are calledAmbil and Mambé. Ambil is a pasta made from Tobacco that tastes like licorice. Mambé is a green powder made from coca leaves. This one does not have much taste.

These medicines work together and let you communicate from your heart. Some people find it difficult to speak from the heart. This sharing circle is an acient tradition to share what is on your heart. By letting your heart speak you will discover the true reason why you want to do this ceremony and what you want to heal.

2. Protection
For protection we do a Tobacco prayer. We work with Tobacco in the form of a kind of sigar. You clean your aura field with the smoke from the Tobacco. This also brings protection. During this process. Taita Leonel can already give some hints about what your ceremony will bring for you. For me it was for example purification.

The truffle is then divided into various rounds. Step by step we go a layer deeper and  you open up your consciousness. Taita Leonel does energetic work for everyone in the group and provides protection and healing.

4.Healing from Taita Leonel
When the frequency is high enough, Taita Leonel starts his energy work. This is such a special ritual in my eyes. I have been so amazed and impressed by just watching it. Undergoing this ritual yourself is incredibly relaxed. Nothing to be afraid of. It is a loving healing from God’s hand.

Why should I choose a 1 or 2 day Ceremony?
Of course a 2 day ceremony is more powerful than a 1 day session. Taita Leonel also gives personal healing sessions. These are super special. He first heals the people who need healing the most. In the 1-day ceremonies, we cannot guarantee 100% whether you will receive a personal healing. That depends on what Taita gets from the plant. This is different in the 2-day ceremonies. We have groups of 15 people and then we have the time and tranquility and space to give everyone a personal healing.

Are you going to hallucinate from the Truffles?
Yes. You can experience this with eyes closed and eyes open.
When you close your eyes you will explore your inner world. Here you can find your own answers on your life quests.

If you open your eyes you can connect with nature. The outer World will looks more beautiful and you feel more connected to it.

How is the taste of the Medicine?
He is mixing his medicine it with honey. So very sweet!!

Will you losing control?
Yes and no.
You have a certain control over your journey and yet you have no total control.

Is this Ceremony more intense than Ayahuasca?
My personal experience after a couple of ceremonies is that Ayahuasca is more intense. But I have to say not everybody agrees. So it’s very personal.

Can the medicine make you vomit?
Yes. It’s possible. Of course this serves a purpose. The medicine takes out the negative energy, virus, illness, trauma of other negativity that you have to let go off. 

Can you be sick in this Ceremony?
This is possible. Also this serves a healing purpose.

Will I be healed 100% after this Ceremony?
We can not give any guarantee. It’s the same as with other plant medicines. We see amazing results, but we don’t make any promise on forehand.

What is the maximum size of the group?
I expect groups of around 15 to 17 people.

Is accommodation and food / drinks included?
Yes, both included.

Is there a place to sleep with sleeping gear or do you have to bring your own?
We provide a place to sleep, sleeping gear and towels.

What is the added value of the Shaman?
For me Taita Leonel made all the difference!! I would say that Taita Leonel performs miraculous work. Taita Leonel is the only man on earth with this unique healing gift that he is using during this ceremony. I have experienced it myself as a very powerful and transforming gift.

The energy work of Sjamaan Taita Leonel has hugeadded value. Taita Leonel removes all your negative energy from your system and harmonizes your energy system. He can also take away trauma and illnesses. As a result, people usually no longer have to take medication after the ceremony and feel completely different towards their trauma.

Do you have to follow a diet for this ceremony?

Can you participate if I use medication?
Yes. But! Please do not take medications at the day of your ceremony itself.

Do you have to stop your medication in preparation?
No. Only on the day of your ceremony.
You probably no longer need your medication after the ceremony.
But we can not guarantee. You will get a personal advice of Taita Leonel after your healing session.

Can Taita Leonel help me to quit smoking?
Yes. he has a special treatment for this.

Does this ceremony help to cure illnesses?
Because Taita Leonel brings you back into balance, diseases can be healed. (no guarantee, but we have been many miracles happen)

Can this ceremony help with me sleeping problems?
Great chance that it will.

Does this ceremony also help to heal skin conditions?
Yes. Taita says yes.
I have also done a healing on my skin.
He is using an egg for this healing work. With his energy work he draws all the negative energy that the skin disorders cause from out of your system into the egg. He van even show you this process. This healing is now only a few days ago for me. I have the impression that it helped me.

Do I have to be afraid of this ceremony?
No. But it can be intense. Taita Leonel says  that there is no reason to be afraid. Everything goes in a lot of love and harmony. Of course you can release emotions. Afterwards, I cried my deepest tears as relief from this enormous healing.

Can I participate when I use antidepressants?
Yes. No problem, but don’t take your medication on the day of your ceremony.
Taita Leonel has informed me that after this ceremony you will no longer need this medication. Of course, this cannot be said from personal experience. I have never used antidepressants myself. I do feel very different after this ceremony.

Does this ceremony help with healing Trauma?
Yes. Taita Leonel has healed my trauma. I was very skeptical, but I no longer feel any grief about this topic and no need to pay attention to it or talk about it. It has been removed from my system. That’s how I experience it myself.

How do you feel after the ceremony?
I myself was first full of energy, because I was so impressed by this ceremony. You are able to work the next day, but I don’t recommend it.
The ceremony made such an impression on me that I only wanted to keep my attention on that the day after.
The best thing is that you have 2 or 3 days to integrate. The same as with Ayahuasca. But it is not impossible to work. You can be tired because of a short night sleep.

When is the next one?
We expect that Taita Leonel will be here again in November 2019.

Any Question?

Do you have any questions about participating a ceremony? Do you have doubts or other questions or remarks? Feel free to contact us. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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