Summery 2 Years of my Life Vlogging

In my last vlog ‘Last Vlog: My Personal Story’. I already shared that Vlogging has brought me so much!

It all started in August 2016. We just had a brand new villa to do our Ayahuasca ceremonies. A time of pure joy & happiness. But it did not stay for long…

Soon after my journey to Brazil I felt that I had to stop working with Ayahuasca and break-up with my business partners. Very painful. The hardest thing I have ever done. But also a time of huge growth. See more in the video below.

I took a sabbatical not knowing what to do. I went to Peru, started to working with different Shamans  in Peru, The Netherlands and Ibiza. I have learned so much! Then I came to the point to start my own ceremonies. Of course much more happened in between. Looking back: A Wonderful journey!

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Looking back

It’s wonderful to look back at my own videos and realise where I am today. What a journey! All events positive or negative have helped me to become where I am now.

I keep repeating to myself: ‘Connect with your heart and listen to your own inner voice‘. My experience is that life then unfolds by itself. It is amazing what can arise. I never made a business plan. All I do is feel in the moment and take action. But of course I do have a vision and ideals that are driving me.

During the manifestation of your dreams everyone will encounter setbacks and pain. Nobody escapes this. That is exactly where the growth is. It makes you stronger and for me, that makes me think my work is even more important.

Today (2018) I experience myself as a very happy person. Sometimes we ask ourselves whether life should be different (including me)? My conclusion is that life gives you exactly what you need now. Count your blessings!


Being Happy with Myself

I’ve been making my dreams come true. In order to do that I had to go through many fears.  The result of it is that I feel so happy with myself. I feel that my happiness is not depending on anyone else. This is very freeing to me.

When you express your soul and show yourself many people have an opinion about you. I know from inside that I do something good. The most important is how I feel from inside. So don’t let anyone hold your back from making your dreams come true. My work is changing so many lives. This is a big fulfilment. This is even bigger, because I work with a team. Everybody is so happy to be part of my work. That’s amazing!

If I look back at the end of my life and I question myself ‘Did I really live my dreams? Am I an example?’ I can already say: ‘YES!

If I question myself: ‘Am I an example for myself? Am I honest? Am I a loving person?’ It is all ‘YES!’ My message is ‘Be an example for yourself.’

Love to help Others

I love to motivate people to follow their dreams. Follow your inner guidance!

-Most people don’t dare to express themselves
-Most people don’t dare to be different
-Most people don’t dare to be unique
-Most people don’t dare to give up certainty in order to live their dreams.

I have been through that serval times and all I can say is that Life will Take Care of You.

And Something better will come your way. I have been closing doors, not knowing what door to open next. Being in this empty space is very interesting. In uncertainty everything is possible. Creativity will be born and so new opportunities will come your way.

You have a choice. It’s up to you to make your dreams your reality.

Go beyond your fear you will feel so free from inside, because your happiness is not depending on anyone else than you. I would say: Go there, where your fear is and beyond.

Maybe there is pain? And realise that pain is what makes you grow. Take action on your biggest dreams from your heart and you will see that it gives great fulfilment.

Dos & Don’ts

Below I have listed a number of dos & don’ts that I have experienced over the last years and that I like to share with you.


-Don’t think too much. Human nature is mainly about feeling. Feel and see something positive in everything.

-Don’t make yourself too busy; Life is not all about work and what you accomplish.Take good care of your relationships and have a good private life with lot’s of joy.

-Don’t take life too serious. That can give a lot of stress. Laugh at stupidity and look at life with humor.

-Don’t regret anything. The experiences and choices from the past have shaped you to where you are today

– Do not resist life. That does not make any sense. ‘It is what it is’.


-Do: Follow your heart. We all know: “Our heart is much more intelligent than our head. The result of every action is a feeling. That’s why life is about feelings. Trust on your heart.

-Do: Take action on your dreams. One of the things that people can regret is not fulfilling their dreams. So do take actions on your dreams and make them come true. You are the only one who can do it!

-Do: Go beyond fear. Fear can block us from following our hearts. When you go beyond this fear, you liberate yourself. This will make you grow as a person.

-Do: Speak from your heart & be yourself. If you are honest with yourself and others, you can never make a mistake. The truth is what matters.

-Do: Focus on the beauty and enjoy! You always have the choice to see the positive or the negative side of life. Choose to see the light in all darkness. This is the fuel for a happy life.

in the end we regret the chances we didnt take

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