Join our Ceremony

Would you like to join one of our Ayahuasca Ceremonies in The Netherlands? After you selected a 1, 2 or 3 days ceremony the dates will appear automatically. When it’s your first ceremony we recommend to join at least a 2 Day Ayahuasca Retreat.

For a proper guidance, we need some information from you. Please fill in the questionnaire below on this page and please do this with attention. You will automatically receive a confirmation e-mail with the address, how to get there, how to prepare and the payment instructions. Please feel welcome!

*Your booking can be canceled/rescheduled without extra costs by you up to 3 weeks before the exact date. Unfortunately, we have to charge you for a last-moment cancelation by you.

If you cancel/reschedule 3 weeks before the reservation date this is 50% of the total amount. When you cancel/reschedule 2 weeks before the booked date we will charge the entire amount. Your appointment will also be permanently deleted.