Self Love: Day 1: Activate Self Love + Meditation

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Guided Visual Meditation: ‘Activate your Self Love’

Especially for this ‘Self Love Challenge’ I have created a guided visual meditation for you. This helps you to focus on your inner world. When you are at peace and in balance with yourself from within, you will also experience that in your outer World.

Make your inner world your first priority. You can do this meditating every day for the next 7 days to strengthen your self-love. Choose a nice, quiet place where you can sit or lie down. Both are allowed. As a starter maybe you prefer to just lie down, put in your headphone and be guided by my voice. All you have to do is just relax and be with my words. Some people fall a sleep and also that is just fine. The point is that you take time for yourself for going inside to activate your self-love.

Enjoy it! Love, Maria Johanna

Guided Visual Meditation: ‘Activate your Self Love’ (with Music & Voice)

Guided Visual Meditation: ‘Activate your Self Love’ (without Music)

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How did you experience your first day of your self-love challenge? Were you able to find peace during the guided meditation? Could you feel who your self-love has ben activated? I love to receive your response. I read this personally and will answer personally at this page (so not e-mail). Feel free to write something below. Whether it’s a thank you, your experience, your challenge or a question. It’s all welcome. Thank you in advance and enjoy your day. Lots of love, Maria Johanna

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  1. Kholoud Bariedah
    Kholoud Bariedah says:

    Thanks Maria a lot for this wonderful gift in a such a special day. I start my day with the exercise and the meditation and could feel more connected to my real self :-)))

  2. Kieran
    Kieran says:

    Will start with the meditation video tonight, really looking forward to day one,. I have just finished my work so a bit tired, I work for myself as a landscape gardener, being and working with nature.

    Personally I am in a good place spiritually inner and outer, so I can’t wait for more beautiful love and energy.

    Thank you Maria

    Kieran Quinn ❤️

  3. Kieran
    Kieran says:

    Just simply beautiful love,
    Maria thank you,
    You are a special person
    May you also feel peace love and happiness

    Kieran ❤️

  4. Linus
    Linus says:

    Wonderful ! Thank you so much for your present ! By listening this short guided meditation I’ve discovered quite a few thinks on which ones I should pay attention in my life !
    So , really, Thanks very much for your work towards helping people to become better versions of themselves !
    Warm regards

  5. Monique
    Monique says:

    You have a very nice voice to kisten to and i truly could vonnect with my heart. Thank you so for sharing this ❤️

  6. Carol Barnett
    Carol Barnett says:

    Wow. Just wow. I feel like it’s going to be a wonderful day. I feel acceptance of myself unlike ever before. What a powerful experience. Thank you.


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