Would you like to get Personal or Group Coaching to get the best out of yourself?

If you want more personal attention and go deeper into specific matters and questions that concern you, it is possible to do personal or group coaching with me. During a coaching session I can give you more personal attention and assist you in your process.

It is possible to book a 1-to-1 session or group session that are currently given online. In addition, I offer Visiual Meditations during group sessions or during a personal coaching session. My experience is that personal coaching and attention can provide great benefits in your own personal growth.

Everyone has their personal challenges … and I can coach you with this!

We all sometimes face certain challenges in life. You may have suffered from trauma in the past, maybe you are dealing with negative feelings, negative thoughts or beliefs that are no longer serving you? Only one limiting belief can keep you from living fully.

For many people this Corona time is moment of great reflection. Everything comes to the surface now, that you may have pushed away for years. Time for healing and action. 

Sometimes you need outside help to take a good look in the mirror, become aware and change from the inside out. When you change from within, your outer world changes.

What can Coaching do for you?

Individual or group coaching helps you with insight, healing and personal growth. We as humans have never grown. There is always a next level to grow toward.

It is just like in nature; “If something doesn’t grow, it will die.” We as human being are part of nature. If we don’t grow in life, our energy dies. This can be in different areas in your life: career wise, in relationship- or love life, financially, personally, spiritually or other area’s. It’s a basic need for humans to grow.

Sometimes you are not able to see what is blocking you from moving on to the next level. You are hold back for example by limiting beliefs, fear of failure, scared of the opinion of others, feeling not enough or blockages that have arisen from trauma.

Through coaching you become aware of your subconscious. This allows you to change, heal, personally grow and free yourself from inside to become the best version of yourself.


About Maria Johanna

My name is Maria Johanna and I help you on your personal and spiritual awakening path. I have done several things in the area of ​​personal development and growth, which has made me follow my heart.

The start of my journey to follow my heart was to publish my book called “Quarterlife Challenge“. I helped thousands of Quarterlife people (Young Professionals) to follow their heart. I have helped many people in their personal growth through Retreats at Bali & Ibiza, seminars, personal coaching, and I developed my own meditation technique (Visual Meditation Technique).

In recent years I have been mainly involved with Plant medicines (Ayahuasca). This is an ancient plant medicine from the Amazone (South America) that helps you open your consciousness and takes you on an inner journey for healing your soul and receive insights about life. This has completely changed my life!

In particular, it has connected me with my intuition. From that moment on I started following my inner voice. Sometimes this was scary, difficult or completely illogical.

Nevertheless, I started to follow my inner guidance on faith. This has brought me so much more than I could ever imagine. It has made me strong and confident in life. I wish everyone this. That is why I help you to recognise the voice of your heart again and dare to follow up on it. I believe that you are the best en most happy version of yourself when you live you Truth from your heart.

Individual Coaching

During the Online Individual Coaching Sessions I help you to go deeper into your personal situation. I take you by the hand to overcome your personal challenges, heal yourself so that you will be in peace with your past. The advantage of this is that you get much more focus on your personal issues that are going on at the moment.

You don’t always have to know what you want to work on in advance. This arises automatically in the moment. I have developed my own personal visions meditations. This is a technique where we are looking into your subconscious mind. I help you to translate your inner World so you can become aware of what is going on in your Inner World. From this place we can also discover what your deepest desires are from your heart. This helps you in the process of discovering your Soul Purpose and truly make this happen. The individual Coaching can be a big game changer in your personal healing, growth and living your true nature.

Online Group Coaching

Do you have a longing to share your gifts and contributing in making The World a better place? Living your Soul Purpose will give you a great feeling of fulfilment.

My Online Group Coaching Sessions is aimed at finding and living your Soul Purpose. I have held several Soul Purpose Retreats at Bali and Ibiza. I have developed my own Soul Purpose Model that I will share with you during these Online Group Coaching Sessions.

This is a 7-step plan that will help you discover your Soul Purpose and take action. Everyone carries a deeper mission within themselves. This goes beyond thinking and comes from your feeling. Every two weeks, I give an Online Session in which takes you on a journey to discover and live your Soul Purpose.

Each session has its own, unique theme that is focussed on finding & living your soul purpose. You can join in at any time and also stop the group session without obligation.  It’s great to share this process together with like-minded people and also help each other grow.

What Results van Coaching Provide?

  • Awareness & Growth
  • Help to live your Truth
  • Healing your Past
  • Support
  • Spiritual Awakening
  • Someone who listens carefully
  • Motivation
  • Discovering your Truth
  • Personal Power
  • Implement your life lessons
  • Discovering your Soul Purpose
  • Personal Growth

How does it work?

Choose the coaching program that suits you and order it online. After you have booked a personal Coaching or Group Coaching, you will automatically receive a confirmation by email. We will contact you as soon as possible by email to schedule your personal sessions. If you choose Online Guidance, you can join the next session as soon as possible.

Prices Personal & Group Coaching

Below you can choose different coaching options. You can choose to book 1 individual coaching or a 4 personal coaching session. You can also choose to follow the Online Group Sessions. These take place every 2 weeks. You can start at any time or decide to stop at any time. Feel free to join and become the best version of yourself.

1 Coaching or Meditatie

Price: € 225,-

Online Group Coaching

Price p/Month: € 125,50

4 Personal Coaching Sessions

Price: € 875,-