#19 Live with uncertainty

Do you ever hesitate about something? Sometimes it can be hard to stop something beautiful. This can be a love relationship, a job, a house, a country or a business. For many people it’s even hard to stop something that is making them unhappy. This week I am still in my process to stop my Ayahuasca Ceremonies in The Netherlands.

#18 Taking a new road – New Years Party

Wauw! A lot of uncertainty in my life at the moment… I have no idea what this year will bring for me. The only thing I can do is to only live in the moment and enjoy the ride. For some reason I feel so much trust and Faith. When you let go of control and open yourself for miracles everything is possible.

Weekvlog#17 Breaking up! The pain of saying goodbye

Sometimes breaking-up is more difficult than starting something new. I know that there is no death.. After death, comes a rebirth. So I know every end, is a new beginning. I’m not breaking up my relationship, because I don’t even have one.. But stop doing my Ayahuasca Ceremonies in The Netherlands.

Weekvlog #16 Brazil: Ayahuasca Experience

I would like to share my Ayahuasca Experience in Brazil with you.. It has been a very intense proces for 3,5 weeks. We have been doing a lot of healing with; Ayahuasca (Daime), Kambo, Rape and more.. My vision has been changed and I am grateful for this experience and the people that I have met.

Ayahuasca Retreat Pachamama Temple Peru

At 4 until 10 March we organise an Ayahuasca Retreat in Peru. This will be a 7 day Retreat. In this Retreat we give you the possibility to join 4 ayahuasca ceremonies at the Pachamama (Mother Eath) Temple in Peru. Read more information and see the video!

weekvlog #15 Ibiza: Let Life Unfold out of your Heart!

This week I organized a Retreat at Ibiza. The most important thing is to ’Let life unfold out of your heart.’ Don’t think about how your life should be. It’s not you as a human being who decides how your life should be. Life is just running through you. You can only observe, enjoy and experience in the moment. Because that’s all there is !

Weekvlog #14 Ibiza: how the love story goes on

Last week I showed you that I was crazy in love.. This was not for long… Hahaha! I see a pattern that I‘m repeating. I’m always the one who is breaking up.. I am so enthusiastic and love to make a jump into the unknown, to go on a new adventure. In the video you can see my break-up

Weekvlog #13 Love yourself first and the right people will come!

This week I fell in love! There was a long distance between us and we had no contact by phone or any other modern communication. We were just connecting via the energy field. It was so beautiful!

Weekvlog #12 The secret of doing nothing

When you put a seed into the ground all the information is already there to let it grow from a tiny seed into a beautiful flower. The same is true for us human beings. It means that even while we think nothing happens, there is a lot happening. We are always growing! Have faith that everything you need in life is already there. Take time to do nothing, open your channel, receive and manifest.

Weekvlog #11 We are all one

Again technology was not working for me this week. I now see that all things were breaking down because I started my new Company: ‘House of Oneness’. The basic principle of House of Oneness is that we are all one. How you treat another, is how you treat yourself. Working with Ayahuasca is a big responsibly, but this is what I want to do. I want to awake people. To make a better World…together.