Vlog#27 Life Changing Ayahuasca Adventure in Peru! Part 3

On day 2 of our Ayahuasca retreat in Peru at Pachamama Temple we started with a Tobacco ceremony to clean the body also on an energetic level. You drink a small cup of tea made of the tobacco plant. Immediately after that you drink as much lukewarm water and you will feel that you have to vomit. After the ceremony there’s so much inner piece at a level I can’t explain. Very beautiful.

#20 Saying goodbye to my Biggest Love

This has been the most emotional week of my life where I was saying goodbye to my biggest love. Something can feel really good but still sometimes it’s meant to say goodbye. It’s painful. Ayahuasca is my biggest love. She gave me everything. But I realized that I have been working so hard this year. it’s good to create more space for myself.

#19 Live with uncertainty

Do you ever hesitate about something? Sometimes it can be hard to stop something beautiful. This can be a love relationship, a job, a house, a country or a business. For many people it’s even hard to stop something that is making them unhappy. This week I am still in my process to stop my Ayahuasca Ceremonies in The Netherlands.

Ayahuasca Ceremonies The Netherlands

I organise Ayahuasca Ceremonies and Retreats in Amsterdam in The Netherlands. You can call Ayahuasca the medicine for your soul. It gives you an inner journey for healing, insights and transformation. In this blog post I would like to share more information about ayahuasca and our Ayahuasca Ceremonies and Retreats.