How can you give yourself The Best Self-Care?

Now that I stop my Ayahuasca Ceremonies there is a lot of space for me to share more from who I am and what I have to offer.

During the last years where I have been working with Ayahuasca I always had a second feeling like: ‘I have more to give than ‘just’ the Ayahuasca Ceremonies.

Organising and leading the ceremonies asked so much dedication that I had no time or energy left to create other things.


I am looking for 10 people who want to join my brand New tribe that is all about Self Care and making your dreams come true.

Here I want to share all that I’ve learned so that you can get the best quality of life that you deserve.

Are you 1 of these 10 people?

I am looking for 10 people who want to use this New Plant Diet for 30 days.

Do you want to give yourself the best Self-Care? Can you use more energy? Are you looking for food that really nourishes? This diet is full of adaptogens, nutrients, vitamins, electrolytes, probiotics and much more. This is just the basic.

You will also receive support from me and my Tribe. Health is the basic foundation of this journey. In addition, it is about giving Purpose (Spirituality), helps you making dreams come true (Soul Purpose), freedom and to live an abundance life style and in connection with yourself and others. I can already tell you that this is going to change your life!

By the way, you only pay for the products and you will automatically get the support of the Tribe. Are you among the first 10 people who want to start this? Leave your details and we will contact you personally to see if this really suits you!

What happened over The Last Years?

Over the last years I have been learning so much. Not only I have been drinking Ayahuasca. I also manifesting other dreams, like:

  • I have Published my book (Quarterlife Challenge)
  • I spoke for Big Groups
  • I gave trainings at Companies, Congresses, Career Events
  • I organised my own Seminars
  • Lots of travel
  • Meeting amazing people <3
  • I started my YouTube Channel
  • I did my own Retreats
  • I created my own meditation Technique
  • I created 2 Coaching Models
  • I started at Bali, worked at Ibiza, at Peru and later in The Netherlands.
  • I trained myself to be an Ayahuasca Ceremony Leader
  • I helped many people with Ayahuasca Healing

Put yourself First

After all it’s all about: PUTTING YOURSELF FIRST!!

This started with: The Best Self-care. I decided to put Health as my highest value. It’s the fundament of life. “If you are healthy, you have hundreds of wishes, if you are sick, you have only 1.”

After I made my decision to stop working Ayahuasca I wanted to give myself “The best quality of life“.

I wanted to start with the best quality of food. A while ago I found out about this diet when I was at Ibiza. I have never forgotten about it. This New Diet is a super food plant based diet.

From the first moment I started using is, I received so much energy that I cannot not share this. This plant diet is now the basic of my life and everything I do.  So also my new tribe and you can be part of it, if you want to live a High Quality of life in Freedom and Abundance.

New Tribe; Self Care & Plant Diet

The basic of this New Self Care Tribe is nutrition (Plant Based Diet) and energy. I myself have been looking for a long time for a plant-based diet that taste good and that is easy to sustain.

I found it !!

Now I am so excited that I want to share it with everyone. Sharing is caring.

In my tribe I want to focus on coöperation (Oneness), health, making dreams come true (Soul-Purpose), freedom and living an abundance life style.

In this Self-Care tribe I want to share everything I have learned in recent years. In this way I help you to live your best life. This Tribe and the New Plant Diet is going to help you by manifesting your dreams with the help of this loving support from our tribe.

How does it work?

The plant diet is central to this Self Care Tribe. This is possible both Vegetarian and Vegan. When you have confidence, you can do anything. You become who you really are.

It is a path of personal development that you enter together with likeminded people. We have already started ‘by accident’ with a small group of people. I believe in things that flow naturally.

Together with this group of people we help you to start with this New Plant Based Diet. We help you daily with the implementing of your new life style. You can ask all your questions to me and my team. Step by step you will go through a big transformation.

You only pay for the food. The rest of the support is now free. The investment to participate is between 300 and 500 euros (incl. Shipping costs). Depending on how intensively you want to follow the diet (your new life style).

Testimonials from other users from my Tribe

I came into contact with The New Plant Diet by coincidence by Maria Johanna. I intuitively felt ‘This is for me!’ Now I have been using the products for 4 weeks. During the first two weeks I already noticed that I got much more energy, needed less sleep and changed my diet. I feel no longer need for meat or sweets and I no longer drink coffee. While I used to be a Burgundian and loved the luxury meat products. I used to drink more than 10 cups of coffee a day. Since I started using the products I started exercising intensively, which is effortless with lots of fun and gives me more energy. Fantastic effect which comes in handy in my busy job with long working days. It has become a healthy lifestyle for me. Thank you.

Rolando Geurts

The moment I started to use The New Plant Diet when I saw the transformation of Maria Johanna (my sister). After a week I immediately noticed a lot of difference. I started exercising again after doing nothing for more than a year.  I often feel tired at the end of the Day and the weekends. Now that I use these products, I am full of energy and I have started exercising again. I think the tastes are delicious! In addition, I no longer have sugar cravings and I quit eating meat. (While I used to eat sugar and meat daily). It is nice to experience that your body is not asking for it anymore. I feel great! It is also super easy to use. I will certainly continue to do so. I feel grateful for the products.

Jorine Schouten

I was busy for several months with improving my diet. When Maria told me about her Plant Diet, I was immediately interested. I visited an Event in Antwerp. I can highly recommend to go to an event. After that I started to use the products fully and became enthusiastic. I lost 3 kilos in 3 weeks and I feel GREAT! I notice that I have more energy and I have an urge to exercise. So I signed up at the gym and actually go there ;-). Also my mother and my wife started using the products. Both are enthusiastic. I am looking forward to a healthy 2020 for myself and my family. Definitely partly thanks to The Plant Based Diet.

Roy Volkers

Within a few Days my husband and I saw the change from Maria. She told us about her Plant Based Diet. It was a great surprise to her that my husband and I wanted immediately wanted to use the products too. It is very easy to use. Even when you are in a hurry, you can easily make a shake. After 2 months of use I notice the benefits of combining all products together. I have more energy, I sleep better at night and I even notice it on the tennis court. I have been addicted to coffee all my life and now I can even leave the house without taking my coffee. Maria has made the whole family enthusiastic with this and we are sincere. We will continue with it.

Wil Schouten

The Plant Based products that Maria takes are a Game Changer for me. Before this I was exhausted, surviving and my hormones were out of balance. Certainly because I am sensitive to substances such as; soy, gluten, milk and some others. I need junk-free food. Otherwise I will hardly function. I have been using the plant-based products for 2.5 years now. I feel fit & alive ! It still becomes better and better. The longer I use the products, the more clean I become. No more stress about food. Especially I experience peace and balance.

Judith Peereboom

My own Experience

I already shared it in my previous blog. For me this is much more than just a Plant Based Diet. It is a path of personal development, self-love and becoming more yourself.

By cleansing your body, you also clean your entire system. It helps me to be more grounded, to have more clarity in my mind , to know what I do want or don’t want, to feel my boundaries and communicate them. Above all, to be in a super good energy all day long.

I have become a huge fan of the Cleanse Days/Detox Days. This is just an option that this Plant Based Diet provides. It is super easy, healthy and good to maintain. It also gives a bit of reflection. You can already see it; This is my new passion!

For who is this?

  • If you are looking for a diet that gives energy and is easy to follow.
  • If you want to lose, gain weight
  • If you want to have more energy
  • If you want to sleep better
  • If you want to have a better skin (this is why I started)
  • If you want to wake up in the morning full of energy
  • If Health is important for you
  • If you want to eat Vega or Vegan (it’s not a must)
  • If you want to get ride of sugar cravings
  • If you want willing to invest in yourself
  • If you want to live a High Quality of Life
  • If you want to live an abundance life style (does not perse means in the material way)
  • If you want to live a meaningful life
  • If you love to help and support others
  • If you love to connect with like minded people
  • If you feel you are different from other (not the standard person)
  • If you love to live in freedom (you don’t have to be there, we will help you grow and more forward to it)
  • If you want to become more of who you really are
  • If you FEEL it

Join our Tribe

Do you feel that you want to start this New Plant Based Diet for 30 days? Are you 1 of the 10 people who wants to join this Tribe? 

Health is central is the basic. Together with: giving meaning, Making dreams come true (Soul Purpose), freedom and live an abundant life style in connection with yourself and other likeminded people.

Join our Tribe!
Enter your name, e-mail address and telephone number below, then we will contact you to personally to see if this Plant Based Diet really suits you. After that we help you to officially subscribe.

More Information

Would you like to know more, please leave your name & e-mail address below. We will keep you posted!

Webinar Tuesday December 17

Tuesday December 17 at 8.00 PM (Dutch Time — 7.00 PM in the UK) I’ll give a free webinar about The New Plant Diet! I call itGet more Energy in 30 Days with the new plant with by Maria Johanna.

Be there if you want to give yourself The Best! Subscribe with this link. Of course the best is to be there life! But if you can’t make it, please subscribe too, so you will receive the link with the recording. 😉

Do you have a Question of would you like to share something? Leave a comment!

I always love to hear something from you! How did you experience my video? Could you relate to me? Could you get something out of it for yourself? Did you enjoy my video? Would you like to answer me a question? Your reaction and questions are always welcome. Please leave your comment below. Thank you!

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