Testimonials Ayahuasca Ceremonies by Maria Johanna

It’s hard to describe an Ayahuasca Experience in words. But let’s give it a try. Ayahuasca is a very personal experience and different for everyone. You get what you need in the moment to learn your lessons and to improve the quality of your life. It helps your to pill of layers to come closer to who you really are and to live a greater purpose.

I feel it as part of my mission to let people know of the existence of Ayahuasca, I love to share experiences/testimonials from people who did their Ayahuasca ceremony with me and my team. On this page you will find video’s, written testimonials and video’s of my own experiences.

Kambo & Ayahuasca Experience Dewi

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Ayahuasca Experience Mariska Beedland

Experiences by Maria Johanna

One of the most enriching experiences ever! Difficult to describe in language but three words are in close proximity: profound, magical, and enlightening. Not only the personal ‘inner-journey’ but also the entire setting of the ceremony (together with wonderful people and deeply caring guides) was a unique experience on its own. Ayahuasca gave me great courage to accept & follow my heart’s life mission and taught me to acknowledge & let go of repressed emotions from my childhood. Moreover, it helped me to be more kind to myself and appreciate the ‘felt presence of immediate experience’ (or ‘present moment’ how others refer to). I highly recommend everyone who feels Ayahuasca’s calling to join Maria Johanna’s sessions – she and her team are amazing!


I am still enjoying the experience days after. I can still feel it in my body everywhere. This morning I woke up early and meditated automatically, in which I experienced a third ceremony (I did 2), as it were, and crawled into different animals. Always a different animal that came to me as a picture, and then I became all the them, one by one; Panther, monkey, spider, snake. They gave me theirs powers to embody these powers. The Ayahuasca reminded me that my entrance is mainly kinesthetic. Body, feel, cuddle, emotions. Visually I also see things, but no strong hallucinations (so far), more images that foster or support my feeling.

Maria and the team provided safety and fun. And Wow what can Maria sing beautifully! I wanted it to continue for days, but everything comes to an end. It is also valuable how Maria helps how to implement Ayahuasca’s lessons into actions in our lives and to continue the process. Thank you!


Joy, clarity, safety, comfort, love, it is beyond words.


Overwhelming, the connection and intention of everybody, I can’t find the words for it.


A beautiful experience and an exercise in patience. Warm and open people made it even more special. I felt very supported and informed before, during and after the ceremony. I came seeking a shift in my body. I felt a block in my emotion that needed to released. Whilst I had expectations of how that might manifest, I could not have imagined the journey or the bliss of feeling freed. It was the most important experience of my life so far and I am forever grateful!


It was a wonderful and life-changing experience. I really loved the singing and blessing/cleansing of the water. I am so glade I chose to have my First Ayahuasca ceremony with Maria Johanna. The experience was beautiful beyond words. The team was great and very attentive to everyone’s needs. I am looking forward to my next ceremony with Maria Johanna. Big Thank you to Maria and her team!

Trace Kirk

Great way to change body and soul and can be used as a kickstart for a new life.


If you want to sort yourself out and you are brave enough you should give it a try. So much positive energy.


Wow, amazing, hard to put it all in to words, life changing. I loved my experience of Ayahuasca with Maria Johanna and her team in a clean safe caring home environment. Words can’t describe the experience, but amazing and life changing enhancing go some way to describing it. Thanks!


Wow, amazing, indescribable! If you are stuck in any way, and you’re not afraid of your inner truth: GO FOR IT! This was an amazing experience. Words can hardly describe how I feel. I’ve had the chance to work on many themes I was struggling with. The progression made in one weekend feels like years of therapy. It is overwhelming in a good way!


It was a beautiful, deep and life-changing event. For my Ayahuasca is the greatest gift I have given to myself. And that I wish her for everybody.


Wonderful, excellent catering and very nice to share our experiences with each other. Ayahuasca opened a new gate in my life.


Ayahuasca is a journey for personal growth providing insight into what your mission or purpose may be. It teaches you how to be the best version of yourself. Healing, inner calm and a way to build up your confidence. Maria Johanna and her team are incredible in their guidance and support.


It was not what I expected, but it was probably what I needed! I really loved the safe enviroment that was created and the love and care provided by the team. I had a very difficult journey but I felt supported throughout. I witnessed a lot of people having great healing from their experiences, and I strongly believe in the healing powers of this medicine.


Before coming to my second Ayahuasca Retreat I didn’t know what I was really looking for. After the experience with Maria Johanna and her team I found love again and it was an important reminder of what life is.


I just feel really happy and blessed! This was an amazing experience. The third ceremony made all the difference. It took me some time to connect with mother Ayahuasca. So I will really recommend a three day ceremony.


I came to this retreat feeling like an empty vessel with no direction and joy and within moments of entering the house to feel a warm love take over. I felt like I was home and safe, which I hadn’t felt in a long time. When I received the medicine and went on my journey I could feel my soul filling with love and positivity, it was beyond words. An absolutely magical experience. I hope to return again and go on another journey in the future. I’ve learned so much this weekend and plan to use the tools and thoughts to further understanding and better myself. I can’t thank Maria and her team enough for all they have done, they are angels on earth. Thank you so much!


It was an amazing spiritual experience and I gave and received as much as medicine allowed me to. Amazing experience, great hosts, felt very safe in the environment.

I dealt with a lot of personal issues, faced my demons. I felt so much love for my family and friends and all the other Group members. Wonderful experience for any own with emotional issues of if you struggle with your thoughts or mind. So glad I made the decision to join on the Easter weekend and full blue moon.

Very powerful. Much love to your all.


What a great way to clean your body, mind and soul in such a short time. As a personal trainer/coach I am all about optimizing my life to the fullest in all aspects and this tool should be used by everyone who wants to transform their life. I definitely recommend Maria Johanna and her team for giving a unique and professional experience. As with all great and powerful tools you can be sure the ayahuasca experience with Maria Johanna is safe and is used to its full potential.


I could feel the energy and the love involved. All the atmosphere was amazing, the set was perfect. In my opinion Ayahuasca can open a new reality a new way of thinking. It can heal your inside, phallically, emotionally and spirituality. It can make you develop inner peace, love for yourself and for the humanity in a very beautiful way. You can feel a very good feeling of love and the way in such a wonderful magical way.


Great journey of introspection. Go for it with no expectations but with intensions. My journey was different from what I expected from it. I had more of journey of introspection with aspect myself that I needed to look at. Peace and patience are the 2 lessons I am leaving this place with.


A game changer event in my life! The ceremony with Maria Johanna and her team are comfortable and safe, you are great coaches and support. It opened endless possibilities on how to be a better person.


I had such a beautiful experience, the medicine an offer gave me so much. I understood my purpose how I can help others, and what I need to do next. A huge take away was I also faced me demons and realised what I have to change in my life and the habits and relationships that no longer serve me that are holding me back. I am excited about the change and the difference I can make to make this World a better place.


Maria Johanna and her team provide the ingredients for an instructive inner journey what it is, is different for everyone. But if you are open to it, I can definitely recommend it here. They create a nice and pleasant atmosphere where I have been able to learn important lessons that I can implement. Ayahuasca gave me a new vision and learned me what is really important for my.


Dearest Maria Johanna,

I want to thank you from the depth of my heart for being such an enchanting beautiful and gentle Shaman. Thank you for the way you dance and sing and catch my eye. Thank you Brian and the other good people in your crew. I hope to draw energy and inspiration from the wonderful ceremonies in the years and decades to come.

Love, Peter (Sweden)


Dear Maria, Thank you for a very good experience. I highly recommend an Ayahuasca experience with Maria Johanna. Maria and her team are friendly and supportive and look after you throughout. The ceremony weekend helped me overcome some mild anxiety and put me on the right path on how to tackle this. Ayahuasca is a medicine and should be taken in a supportive and caring environment. With Maria and her team I can guarantee you are in that safe environment where they are available to help. This weekend has been a therapeutic detox for sure. K.P. (UK)

Kay from UK

My First Ayahuasca Experience.

How Ayahuasca Changed my Life!

Ayahuasca & Kambo Experience Brazil

Experiences by Maria Johanna

My heart is full of love for Maria and her team. I didn’t know what to expect and I was blown away. Words can’t describe how I feel right now. This needs to be experienced by everyone because this World would be a better place.

Sana from England

It’s difficult, wonderful, sad, beautiful and truly healing. Maria and her team are helping you through all the difficulties. Even in the face of very scared things and fears, I felt protected and cared for.

Stefan from Germany

Maria Johanna and her team are truly angels living their mission to help people through their journeys of healing. In only 2 days I have accomplished a transformation in myself that I have been seeking my entire life. Because of the existence if this place & this beautiful people. Finally I can turn the page and begin my new life and be a better version of my life.

Corinne from Dubai

I’d been feeling to do Ayahuasca for a while. I thought that my first experience would be in the Amazon, but I’m so glad now that I chose to do it here with Maria. For anyone who is half considering doing a ceremony my advice would be to for it. It’s not all going to be pretty, but healing never is. I’ve learnt so much over the last 48 hours. If in doubt go for it. You won’t regret it!

Oliver Greiner from the UK

Going to an Ayahuasca Retreat can help you in so many ways and potentially lead to a feeling of peace within. I feel it has given me some of the tools I need to carry on with my journey. It has helped me understanding why I do some of the things I do and also understand my childhood better and in a more positive way. Thank you Maria.

Ian from the UK

Ayahuasca will change your life. The team showed so much love to everyone. Everyone is welcome and accepted. It’s just a beautiful experience.

Michael from Germany

Ayahuasca Experience Peru – Part 1

Ayahuasca Experience Peru – Part 2

Experience Peru Pachamama Temple

Experiences by Maria Johanna

I wanted to say that last weekend’s ceremonies were really life-changing for me, and I so appreciate the palpable love with which you approached my journey. I had a negative experience with the people at my first ayahuasca retreat, and this more than corrected for it. Thank you!

Suzannah Weiss

I came seeking a shift in my body. I felt a block in my emotion that needed to be freed. While I had expectations of how that might manifest, I could not have imagined the journey or the bliss of feeling freed. It was the most important experience of my life so far and I am forever grateful. Thank you. Love, Valerie

Valerie McCallum

Came in to this not knowing the deep emotions I was holding on too. Like a snake I shed my skin. I left in peace and happiness.

Tony Sanchez

Maria, I wanted to send you a message to thank you so much for the beautiful weekend you gave us. Words will never do it justice.

I want you know that you are the most beautiful inspirational woman I have ever met and what you are doing for people is nothing short of a miracle.

You are gifting people with miracles ever day you hold a ceremony and I what to thank you from the bottom of my heart for that.
Thank you, thank you, thank you! Love always, Kate

Kate Golden

Experiences by Maria Johanna

Mother Ayahuasca really can heal, teach and help people with their lives with Maria’s guidance and the love and support of the group. Ayahuasca helped me become a better and a healthier man.

Dan Harris

Maria’s Ceremonies have helped me overcome negative emotions that I have been varying. It has been a mental detox for me. Highly recommend it. Thank you Maria and Brian for your help and wonderful support. I hope to be back again sometime.

K. from the UK

No matter what problem, surrender, stop fighting and it will bring you what you need.

Monique Hek from The Netherlands

I want to say a big thank you to yourself and the rest of the holy trinity. You do an amazing job and I really love your playlist – 3 songs have been going through my mind all week – shania noll (how could anyone), queen of peace and ocean of love “there is so much magnificence near the ocean”. I love the location and the fact that we can go for a wander by ourselves during the day if we wish and we are right in the middle of Amsterdam. Your medicine is top notch and collectively you all bring an amazing amount of female energy with your singing, dancing and presence.

As for me I have felt good since I got back and amazingly the problems that were on my mind when I arrived last Friday have all sorted themselves out (or maybe they didn’t really exist in the first place :-)). I cannot really report anything ground breaking since I got back. Its more a feeling of optimism and confidence that I am on the right path.

Im sure I will be back to see you in Amsterdam at some point. 

Much love

Paul from United Kingdom

Having stayed for a 2 night ceremony with Maria, Brian, Janina and Kelvin, my life and thoughts have already been changed for the best. It truly has been an amazing journey, a rollercoaster ride. You have to face your fears but then you feel the love. It pushed me to my limits in the cleansing session but that was the break through to release so I can finally see me. Thank you so much!

Melissa Corner from the UK

I have had my life adventure and I am absolutely satisfied with all what happened. All was amazing, mystery of life and beyond. I would definitely recommend this experience to everybody!

Monika Kaniewska from Poland

Ayahuasca is for yourself, an experience to love to live for yourself and others. This place is great for feeling comfortable to start your journey toward yourself. The location is fantastic, view is beautiful and very peaceful. I would recommend to come by yourself not with friends, to truly center on yourself during this experience. And remember that Ayahuasca will give you what you need

Ricky from France

How do you put a Ayahuasca ceremony into words, I arrived back from Amsterdam on Sunday 01 October, I am filled with a higher awareness of love not just for me but for all things , The love, the healing, to realise we are connected to a higher consciousness that is purest love but also connected to each other in the same way is what being awoken is, seeing things with love and caring is what you will see in all things, during the ceremony I was made aware of this and so much more, I will not talk about being above the water will save that for another time, there is so much to process but being able to see again to be free of mind and to know love truly is the answer is what I have received and this is just the start, if you are thinking of doing a ceremony just do, trust yourself. The ceremony the understanding the care the truest love you receive from Maria Maria-Louise and Yasmina will warm your heart and soul like nothing you felt before, my words will never do justice or give enough credit to what Maria and her team give and do but i will always be connected to the 3 of them forever and for that I am eternally grateful. 


Kieran Quinn from Scotland
Hi Maria Johanna & team, I feel very good. This was by far the most beautiful and powerful weekend so far. This was the first time that I did a 2 day ceremony with a Shaman. A great team, the life music was surprising. It was new and wonderful. And what an amazing place. Almost too much to contain! I feel grateful that I could be part of this. I will take some time to integrate all of this, but I am looking forward for the next invitation.
 Lots of Love
Kees van Oostenrijk

Maria, here is my mail from me to you. I don’t know where to begin. It was a blessing for me. I was so stressed out that I didn’t really had a life. I was stressing for nothing and my heart was beating over hard, like bang bang. After the double ayahuasca I’m like a kid again! Yeah like a kid! No stress! Want to do everything. I’m eating healthy food now. I’m doing awesome…. I mean… I am awesome!!! Thanks a lot for helping me! Will never forget this! Im over happy and all thanks a lot!! And for u others who thinking about it! Stop thinking!! Do it! You won’t regret it for sure. And Maria, I love you.

Magnus Manga

It has been 3 month ago that I did my 3rd and 4th ceremony. Maria Johanna gave me the sentence “What happens if you stop fighting?” This sentence has helped me the last months to discover a lot of pain together with my mother. The question “What happens if you stop fighting?” brought me to a deep conflict that I had with my father. You helped me to let go of this conflict during the ceremony with love. Another thing that I discovered is that the word “NOT’ doesn’t exist in the Universe. So with the sentence ‘I do not want to fight’, I Committed myself to do fight. In ceremony 5,6 and 7 I received the question “what happen if I STOP?” from Maria Johanna. This brought me to a huge healing where I got a reset of mt heart. In my 8th ceremony I received the word ‘STOP!’ and I was able to let go of 50 years of pain. I want to thank you for your love and this beautiful sentence. Big hug.

Melvin Brand Flu

Since I found out in september 2016 on “Google” the existence of the Ayahuasca Ceremonies with Maria Johanna, I came from Italy two times within a space time of 9 weeks, for a double ceremony each time. I had big physical problems in the last years…and I was really desperate, with also serious problems with my mind and heart due to work and family problems. So I’m taking the ceremonies that Maria Johanna organizes very seriously since i believe in the sacred medicine and knowledge of Ayahuasca, the Mother Plant of our Mother Earth. I mentally take the ceremonies as my “gift therapy” that I’m doing for myself, in order to really heal myself at the core and also help my family to integrate my new vibrational frequencies that comes out from the open heart. In those 2 months i stopped smoking, I started to do sports again, I pay more attention to what i eat and drink…and do a lot of other things like sleeping what i need and meditate a lot. I’m starting to realize that I’m the victim of nobody…and that i’m in control of my life so that i can become the co-creator of it. I’ll come again many more times for the ceremonies, since it’s the “healing gift” that i want to do to myself in this special year of 2017, that in numerolgy means 1, the year of the new beginning for our Mother Earth, after the closing cosmic cycle of 360.000 years that happened in 2012. Thanks Maria! And Thanks you to all the loving guides that work in the ceremonies!

Davide from Italy

This was my first experience with you and Ayahuasca. I have so much to say about my voyage.

My experience was not a joke. It was a deep, mental and physical cleansing, with all the symptoms that go with it, such as pain, misery, anxiety and loss of control over mind and body. I am still very much impressed.

Most of my questions were answered: what happens after death, my grief and why I don’t like being on Earth. Everything seemed logical; every person is a mere appearance of his or her Own Self, each and everyone is god and cosmos. All religious madness is a prayer for myself; I am Buddha, my neighbour, heaven and earth. I created all of this. And it’s all an illusion. No beginning and no ending, everything is eternity. I choose this illusion, this world, I am the creator of my existence in this role, and I have the choice to be sad or happy in this existence. It is OK to have material belongings and money isn’t all that bad. I have the right to live like a king in France, because I am the origin of this illusion.

I have seen life and death, leaving the body. I received so much information. I was also very tired and afraid I wouldn’t be able to come back. Only when I promised to enjoy life, I was allowed back. I was born and I died several times during my ceremony. I now understand that you never die, but only leave this body for a different life or another illusion.

My question is now: what is the purpose of all of this? I want to go further, I want to make a voyage without fear, and I want to enjoy, with lots of love.

What has changed in my life? I now respect my Own Self and my body. I don’t accept demands that don’t contribute to me. I see Man in his origin, vulnerability and need for love and understanding. I love this life and the people surrounding me. I feel young and fit again, no pain. I’m able to sleep again, very deeply.

Maria Johanna, I thank you for spending so much time with me, and I thank the loving nurses that surrounded me with motherly care and love.

See you soon

Sylvia from Belgium

what can I say? I wanted to take some time to thank you for the idea to set up these retreats as I have witnessed some incredible transformations (also within myself) during my stay in Doornenburg. I think your mission to spread female energy into this world (at least this is what I intensely was shown by Mother Ayahuasca on Friday) is very important and you have to continue and continue setting up these retreats for people that feel their time has come to go on their journey with Ayahausca. What and amazing and loving team by the way!! They all had their own very specific role in the session. Thank you!

Richard from Germany

It has been about 2 weeks since I left the Ayahuasca ceremony of Maria Johanna. I was really nervous for my first journey, because I had truly no idea what to expect.  After a short explanation we were led into a peaceful room where we would all lay down. Soon after drinking the Ayahuasca I was drawn into a magical world. My first journey was unbelievable and breathtaking. I experienced an intense feeling of love and safety. I had returned to my childhood and mother Ayahuasca was taking care of me.

Maria Johanna and her team were also very caring, compassionate and kind, I felt completely at home and taken care of. The amount of pure love present was nothing I have seen before. Ayahuasca opened my eyes and brought me back to myself and I could not have chosen a better place for my first Ayahuasca experience. I would like to thank Rene, John, Mo, Shurandy, Maria and the rest of the sweet people from the bottom of my heart.  See you all again!!


When I met René for the first time, I immediately knew he was a Grand Master. His intentions are great! It didn’t take me long to decide to go ahead with the Ayahuasca session. It was held in Doetinchem, in a very special place, homely and warm, where Rene and his team greeted us as friends.

My Ayahuasca experience with the Grand Master!

The group took us in immediately. You could feel the purest form of ‘community’. Warmth and respect, for us and for each other. And there was humor, playfulness and softness.

The team was very connected

The ceremonial room was beautiful and it felt so loving, pure and soft that I just melted together with its energy as soon as I walked in, as if inside and outside became one. I never set foot in a room with so much love and kindness.

I never set foot in a room with so much love and kindness

After our fantastic session, we were served an amazing dinner and we stayed the night. Everything was so nice and sociable, so happy. It felt like coming home, I had never felt so at home before. I even didn’t want to go home again! But all comes to an end and I will never forget this beautiful experience.

I had never felt so at home before

Ayahuasca was heavy for me, but also very useful. I recommend this experience to everyone who wants to achieve personal growth. It is unbelievable how it allows you to gain insights on important life themes. Thanks to your renewed awareness, you are more powerful, break through patterns and make choices that are better for you. Don’t be afraid of this experience, you can trust the supervisors to guide you through this voyage in a professional manner.

Michelle van E.

I would like to thank you again for your loving support. You organised the session perfectly. I learned a lot from it, received many insights and was able to rid of my negativity. I realise again that it’s all about love. I now focus all my good energy on the important challenges that lie ahead of me. Thank you.

Kind regards, Harry.

Harry K.

Dear all,

It has been over a week now since my last ceremony. It is time to share my thoughts about three overwhelming experiences.

They were the most intense experiences I have ever (consciously) had, more so because I couldn’t sleep. Even during the days after, I had trouble getting to bed, even though I was extremely tired. I was still busy processing. It was pretty heavy.

The fact that I was able to go so deep is thanks to your complete safe and caring supervision and setting. And of course that also includes Rene, Dorothea and the other guides of Maria Johanna and her team. Your love and acceptance and your support really moved me. There are no limits, everything is welcomed and supported, as long and as often as needed. That really touched me and I am very grateful for it.

During the third ceremony, I also saw my parents in a different light. Past all karma. I saw their own essence, and felt so grateful that they are my parents. I will never forget how I saw them at that moment.

I took it easy the last few days and filled my head and heart with mantras and softness. Since yesterday, I feel a lot better: stable, calm, more energetic, more lust for life. I really hope something essential has changed now that I have had the courage to look into the mirror of my youth. I hope the old pain has healed and that I am as new. That would be amazing. I’m almost too afraid to hope for it! In any case, I still feel I love myself and would like to live with an open heart.

Thank you so much for this amazing experience. If I’m ever ready for another ceremony, it will definitely be here again!

Lots of love, Sabine


How I am after the ceremony? I feel like a completely different person, a lot of switches from my old behaviour have been switched over.

I feel stronger than ever, I have a lot more confidence, more confidence in life and my lust for life is back. I know my own limits, don’t let myself be influenced and do things like I feel they should happen.

What I used to be anxious about, I now see as a challenge. I’m not afraid to play anymore, I stopped worrying if something is allowed or not. I beam again! And I hear that from other people too.

It’s also something I can really feel; I sense that life takes care of me. I feel beautiful and loved again. I see my own talents and potential. Your loving presence also made sure I could really let go and enjoy it all to the fullest. I felt safe.

I can welcome happiness and love again, because I feel I’m worth it. But I also feel that I am love too. It’s hard to believe how much has shifted after only two ceremonies. I’m very grateful that I was able to be a part of this. I notice I’m still ‘unpacking’ my experiences and it will take a while before everything has settled in.

Coffee doesn’t taste that nice anymore and I no longer crave sugar or other ‘bad’ things. I really want healthy foods now! I take care of myself and feel a stronger connection with nature and all other living things. A lot has shifted here too. It takes more to irritate me and I have more compassion with other people and myself. I now judge others and myself less. We are all learning.

It was beautiful to be able to feel the love of the unseen world during the ceremonies. I can never forget that; it is really present now. My clear conscience seems to know better what is good and what’s not. I don’t have to hesitate that much anymore, I feel a lot more confident. Synchronicity also seems to have increased, it just comes to me. Really beautiful.

Who knows, I might join another voyage one day. But for now, there is so much healing I can only look back with a lot of gratitude. I am so happy you are organising this and making this possible together with Maria Johanna and her team. I’ve already referred many people to you, but I know you only join when time is right for you …

Lots of love and big hugs, Hester


I had two amazing days with Maria Johanna. I participated in the ceremony once. It was very exciting and I gained many insights. What stood out for me the most was the loving, safe and enjoyable atmosphere, created by the entire team. During these two days, I felt a sense of belonging, something I’ve missed for a long time.

If anyone asks me about Ayahuasca, I will recommend Maria Johanna and her team WITHOUT A DOUBT! For Ever Thankful!

Laerke Nissen Videographer

I went so deep in looking at and feeling my fears, my need for control and the harshness towards myself … Damn! Claws, linking myself to the darkness time after time, my thick, steal battle armour, how I’ve let myself being taken advantage of as a child and later (there wasn’t really time …), my separation from the source (ouch!) … And so much more … I wanted to quit at some point, it was really difficult. But it was the extra confrontation I needed to really gain insights. Luckily, you were there when I needed you.

It felt nice to receive so much personal attention. You feel you’re not alone and are allowed to lean on someone else. It felt amazing! Thanks to your help and safety, I let myself go. I wasn’t scared to go with what needed to be seen and felt. Letting go felt so easy.

There was so much, from our creation force to 3D images, thousands of insights for myself, making my own choices, my desires. But also our ever so beautiful creation force. My hands made a stunning artwork of that.

I saw and felt so much that I need some time to let it all sink in. I would love to share everything, but there are no words. I would like to thank you especially, because it felt like you were sitting with me for a very long time. Maybe you didn’t, but it felt like it. Your energy and presence were pleasant. Your lightheartedness, humour, liveliness, softness … your being! I felt safe, with everyone for that matter.

At the end of the voyage it really felt like coming home. The whole thing was unbelievable! I really enjoyed it and am still enjoying it!

Thanks to all!


I have recognized my self-hate and conception trauma. I now connect with it.

I now take it more seriously that it can be ABOUT ME. I’m lovingly reconnecting with my total SELF.



Theo (73) Psycho Therapeut

This inner journey could not have been more beautiful or loving than with Maria Johanna and her team.

Safety in total insecurity, loving support on unknown paths.

It was an unforgettable experience!


Linda IC verpleegkundige

Dear Maria Johanna, René and all other guides,

With this message I would like to share my feelings with you. It’s actually impossible to describe this experience, but I will try to explain what I feel after the ceremony …

I am deeply grateful for your openness, support and trust, the fantastic organisation and the music of the Ayahuasca ceremony of January 25. It has given me deep, spiritual insights, as well as a deeper Love and Kindness for LIFE.

Lots of love, Rob

Rob van den Hoed (55)

Dear all,

On January 25, I participated in my second Ayahuasca ceremony. Just like last time, I got exactly what I needed. All I can say is: do it, go, go, go!

Again, it was an overwhelming, fantastic and colourful experience. Maria and guides, thank you!

Love, Arie

Arie (25)

Still somewhat vulnerable and open, I am sitting here thinking about how grateful I am for my fantastic voyage yesterday. I feel awake, and I feel in the present. I see my thoughts come by, and my ego that wants to resuscitate my old patterns. I simply look at it and let it be, I can let go. I feel so happy, like a child when it snows. I dance because I live and I sing because I’m happy.

Everything is so clear, more awakened and especially filled with love. I see love everywhere! Everything is welcome in softness in my awakened heart! If that isn’t coming home! The experiences I had yesterday cannot be described.

Petra van der Schoot

The first ceremony was very intense. I don’t think I have ever been that sad or scared before. Luckily, you stood by my side. You guided me through it and consoled me, for which I am very grateful. I saw and especially felt my past, my present and even my future.
I’m very happy I decided to go through with the second ceremony after all, even though I was scared to feel even more sadness. The second voyage was a lot more relaxed, with many insights and a feeling of unity and security. Everything is one, and all is light.

I got over my insecurities and in the meantime, I have been able to help people get over small pains and to pass on messages. And I feel this is becoming easier every day. Thank you!

Yolanda Caspers

First, I would like to thank the beautiful supervisors. I have a lot of respect for their strength, love and devotion. In particular the Algerian brother, who pleasantly supported me. It was a very special experience; it was the ultimate self-realisation. Right after my experience, I had the urge to write, and this poem I would like to share with you was the result. I’m wishing you and Maria Johanna and her team all the strength and love to keep up this amazing work.


I thought the Ayahuasca ceremony was an amazing experience! It is impossible to put it down in words, but I’ll give it a go: sensational, universal and blissful. I saw fantastic colours and images and received loving insights and wise lessons. I’ll never forget this experience. You and the other guides were so involved and caring, it created a safe environment. I would really recommend it to everyone!

Ankie Peters
Dear Maria, Rita, Roberto & Nacho, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for last Monday & Tuesday. You spread so much love, wisdom & healing, for which I am so grateful. I found my trust in God back and I am going to take care of my inner child as she needs healing. Thank you for making me feel again.
Lots of love, Namaste,
Jacqueline Smit

Since I have been to the 2 day Ayahuasca Ceremony with Nak (Shaman) I see that’s it’s way more easy for me to deal with my emotions. I am able to observe my emotions and not to identify myself with my emotions. Next to that I am further on the discovery of who I am. For me that’s nice. So I have got a loooooot from it!

Marga Dijs

I am so grateful for the experience I had with you and your team! It was eye opening! My biggest insight was that with an open heart everything is possible)

Dayana Beisenova

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