Ayahuasca Experiences by Maria Johanna

Every Ayahuasca Experience is different. And for one person, every ceremony will be complete different from another. Over the years I have done several Ayahuasca Ceremonies in different settings. For example: Santo Daime Church, Therapeutic, Shamanic Seremonies, ceremonies with the Shipibo Shamans in Peru, the therapeutic setting and just home. I have traveled with Ayahuasca in the Netherlands, Brazil, Ibiza and Peru. And I have been guiding ceremonies in different settings. At this page I collected some Ayahuasca video’s that I have in English (most of my Ayahuasca video’s are Dutch). If you scroll down, you can also read testimonials/experiences from people who have been traveling with Ayahuasca in my ceremonies.

Ayahuasca Experience – Peru – Part 2

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My First Ayahuasca Experience. Life Changing!

Experience Peru Pachamama Temple

Ayahuasca Experience – Peru – Part 1

Ayahuasca & Kambo Experience Brazil

Ayahuasca Experience – Mariska Breedland

How Ayahuasca Changed my Life!

Interview about Ayahuasca with Maria Johanna

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