Ayahuasca Experience Martijn – Almost a year later

Last year I did a contest where you could win a free Ayahuasca Retreat (worth 675 euros). Martijn Wiedijk was the lucky one and won this free Ayahuasca Retreat. Now almost a year later I asked him to look back on winning this Retreat. How did he experience his Ayahuasca Ceremonies? What has Ayahuasca brought him? Read along and I encourage you to participate with my current contact where you can be the winner of this Ayahuasca Retreat (worth 675 euros). You can still participate until Monday 25 February 2019.


Birthday of Maria Johanna

Ayahuasca had appeared a few times in my life. A friends mentioned it, there were some articles that I read, I did some research on the internet. At the beginning of last year I started to experience something that some call ‘the calling of mother Ayahuasca‘.

More and more it came across my mind and I went Online looking for opportunities to experience Ayahuasca. By pure luck I came across a message from Maria Johanna who almost had her birthday and was doing the contest around her 2 day Ayahuasca weekend. I immediately signed up. When I told my wife that, she immediately said, “Oh, that’s yours“. That’s how it felt for her.

That’s how I became the winner

Slightly amused about this happening, I let it go and let The Universe decide. A week later Maria Johanna announced the winner. When she indicated that almost 400 people had signed up for the raffle, I immediately thought ‘Oh too bad, then it’s going to be for someone else‘. Maria Johanna showed in a video how all names passed and then stood still with one name: Mine! A wave of joy and surprise went over me. Wow, it’s me!’ A sign that it was right for me to do this? It seems to be a yes.

After some information exchange about the right preparation (adapted diet, few days no sex, on the day itself after lunch no longer eat) I went on the road.

Arrival at the super nice location

I arrived at the super nice location of Maria Johanna.  After taking some time to get to know the group a little  and receiving more information and instructions about the ceremony we started off.

I understood from someone who had already experienced about 100 ayahuasca ceremonies that every ceremony is different. So I had kept my expectations open. And I had prepared an intention: “I want to experience my greatness”. And also some smaller things like “What is my mission in life” and “What points of attention in my body are important?”. You know, side issues in life ;-).

Guidance team

The guidance team felt immediately good. The fact that one of the guidance members works in psychiatry gave me an extra safe feeling. And Maria Johanna and Kelvin radiated care and love for me.

The first drink

Then it was time for the MAO inhibitor (the stuff that makes the active substance of ayahuasca is not broken down directly in your stomach, it would be a bit of a shame) and the Ayahuasca. The MAO inhibitor (MAO inhibitor) did not have a good taste, but the taste of the Ayahuasca was even worse. We had the option to take a grape or peppermint, but this did not feel ‘pur’ to me. Of course I went for ‘pure’. So no grapes or peppermint for me.

Vomiting within 10 minutes

I started Vomiting within 10 minutes. Later I heard from some group members that they felt more free to vomit too, because they were not the first.

Ceremony 1: I noticed just a little effect

Long story short, I was completely ready but noticed just a little effect at the first day. Another portion of ayahuasca (which I did not have to vomit) did not do that much either. Apparently we had drawn the angels card ‘Patience‘ for a reason. Good, not quite what I expected but the next day there would still be a chance to follow and I now know what was waiting for me.

Day 2

The next day I enjoying the beautiful weather and I greatly enjoyed the yoga we did with the guidance of Kelvin. The group was now more of a group, and I think everybody was looking forward to the evening, at least I did.

Ceremony 2: Second chance

Again drinking Ayahuasca and I immediately took a peppermint. I did not give a sh*t about ‘pure’ anymore, I did not want to vomit. That worked out excellently, firstly because I did not have a bad taste in my mouth, and secondly because the feeling of ‘I don’t give a sh*t’ immediately strengthened in me. I felt like a mischievous tiger. So while Maria Johanna was still busy giving people their portion of Ayahuasca, I sneaked low to the ground to her back and picked up another peppermint. Immediately I went back to my mat, with a triumphant smile enjoying my peppermint that I knew for sure: “Nobody can take this away from me anymore.”

I started to feel very nice

Meantime I started to feel very nice, the music filled my body and my feet went along with the rhythm. As I felt better and more, I made contact with Mother Ayahuasca, who made it clear to me that it is my job to determine my life mission. She did not tell me what my mission was, in fact, she was also curious about which the mission I would choose. 😉

I started dancing

The music kept filling me up and I has the experience that I was on a party that was going on around a campfire. I had to be there, so with my eyes still closed I stood up from my mattress and started to dance. I did that for an hour, an hour and a half, no idea how long I dances. At some point I started to dance with my wife in my experience. She was there. Later, when I arrived home, I heard that they had imagined that she was dancing with me. That was indeed an evening before, but still special because we had never discussed it.

I slowly came back

When I noticed that the Ayahuasca started to work out, I got another portion of ayahuasca to extend the great feeling. And this is how Mother Ayahuasca does her healing work. When it started to work out, the evening slowly came to an end.

A year later: I feel more free and playful

Now almost a year later I am looking back to that weekend with a lot of pleasure, joy and love. For me, Maria Johanna is a woman who is completely in contact with her heart and femininity and I feel that I am more easily in my masculine role myself.

It then became clear to me that music in my life is important, so I now have a great sound set in my living room. I feel more free, more playful. I can feel my mischievous side is there again. It’s now easier to be present in daily life and know my direction.

Again the Contest to win an Ayahuasca Retreat

Recently I saw that Maria Johanna, with her big heart, had decided to do the contest again. So now you can win this 2,5 Day Ayahuasca Retreat (worth 675 euro). I hope that the person who wins it will have a great experience and will live even more with an open heart and direction of his or her life. In all the chaos and misery in the world that gives me a nice feeling, I get such a big smile on my face again.


This year Maria Johanna will again be giving away a 2-day Ayahuasca Retreat (for example 675 euro). For more information, check out the actionpage. I advise you to participate with this current draw. You can still participate until Monday 25 February 2019

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