About Maria

Maria Johanna is an Urban Shaman that is working and organising Plan Medicine Retreats. She is maybe the most well-known person in The Netherlands who is working with Ayahuasca and talking about Ayahuasca in YouTube.

From the moment she discovered Ayahuasca she felt ‘This is what I have been looking for my life!‘  Never expecting to work with the Amazon Medicine. It all unrolled by itself! Maria Johanna has experience in different settings; Santo Daime, Therapeutic settings and different Shamanic settings.

Maria Johanna has been organising and assisting Ayahuasca Ceremonies for four years before she got the calling to lead ceremonies. She has been to Brazil and Peru to learn about Ayahuasca, but mostly she learned in The Netherlands. You can follow her journey on YouTube.

After all these years Maria Johanna built a stable and safe environment on a beautiful place to do your Ayahuasca Ceremony together with a strong team of guidance. She calls herself an Urban Shaman because she grew up in The Western World. That’s why she is very familiar with the problems that Western people are dealing with.

Video about Maria Johanna

An old participant from one of my Ayahuasca Retreats made this video about me. my work and some of my team members without me asking for it. This gives an idea about me and my work and the atmosphere in our Retreats.

How this journey started?

In April 2013 I published my first book ‘Quarterlife Challenge – learn what you want in 20 days’. For this book I developed my own coaching model, called the POWER technique.

I was helping people in their Quarterlife crisis to discover what they really want in life. I did this by organising my seminars, weekend seminars, workshops, speaking at congresses, at schools, at big companies and one-on-one coaching. Many times I spoke for big groups, I inspired a lot of people and in a way I was successful. But stil there was this feeling that something was missing and I did not know what it was.

My Spiritual Journey

My spiritual journey brought me to an Ayahuasca ceremony in Amsterdam. My first Ayahuasca experience was a pure awakening, which changed my life again completely. So much wisdom and downloads I received! I didn’t even know this was possible. For a long time, I didn’t know what I was looking for, but in my first Ayahuasca experience I found the answer. I searched for unconditional, Divine Love – which we all are. Briefly: Myself! From that moment I knew who I was. 

Again, a whole new world that opened up to me. A world with infinite love and possibilities. Still, what can I do with all this? I didn’t know, and I asked the Universe for help.

At that moment a mentor appeared on my path. An, up to that moment, unknown men approached me on Facebook. He received my nickname ‘Mariette Schouten’ already for a few days during meditation. Something he never experienced before. Miracles still happen!

This mentor taught me a special and visual medication technique that provides insight about what is going on in your sub consciousness. That helped me to discover a new calling!

Once again I observed during meditations: myself, my greatness, my soul mission. I could hardly believe this was about me. Here, I understood the statement of Marianne Williamson: ‘Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.’

About Maria

I will guide you to return to your deepest core and to remember who you are. I help you to connect with your heart to discover who you really are who you really want to be in your life. I do this through writing, videos, lectures, workshopsmeditation and coaching.

I grew up in a small village named Zwaagdijk, 40 kilometers north of Amsterdam. I had a peaceful and happy childhood, like it should be. At a certain moment, I realized that I wanted to get more out of myself and my life. This brought me to  a search for myself. .

I changed my small village Zwaagdijk for the “world city” of Amsterdam. A new world opened up for me. During and after my studies I focused on a sales career, with successful results. Furthermore, I discovered my enormous passion for personal development.

The first, big seminar I visited was  UPW (Unleash the Power Within) of  Anthony Robbins in Rome. This changed every part of my life, in every aspect. I immediately acquired a taste for these seminars and participated in many afterwards. I did different studies, among which NLP Practitioner and NLP Master. The more I studied, the more I felt that I had to spread my wisdom.


It was in this meditation that I received, time after time, that it was time to bear my birth name ‘Maria Johanna’. Also Mother Ayahuasca and all guides/healers who I met during my inner journey pointed out that it was time to bear my birth name. But how to do that all at once? Just change your name… That feels rather strange?

I surrendered to life and I completely focused on this process. This lead me to  acceptation of who I really am and love of the self on a deep level.

Back to my Roots

I already felt that I had to leave my house and even my city. Where to go? I had no idea… Therefore, I rented my house in Amsterdam and I was brought back to my roots. I arrived at the place Wervershoof. If I translate this to English, it’s called ‘Wanderers-head’, I said to myself. I made a Wanderer of myself, more or less. It felt as if this was even further from ‘home’. As if I had outgrown my roots… Still it had to be so.

There I was surprised by getting a tooth ache… The Dutch word ‘tooth’, means ‘choose’. So symbolic! A tooth ache to choose my real names. At the moment, when even my body indicated I had to choose for my birth names, I took the step. In July 2014 I adopted my names ‘Maria Johanna‘.

Adopting my birth names took me directly to Bali. Which is the womb of the earth. The perfect place to be and for re-birth. I felt directly at home. From that place, I brought life to Maria Johanna and I helped people via Skype to encounter the path inside through visions meditation. That was a success from the first day on. This way I could live and work wherever and whenever I wanted, and also work from within my heart, full of love and compassion. 


On Bali my visions meditations made I arrived in India. In my meditation I met a woman, Shiva Shakti, who spoke to me. I had never heard from her before. But when I arrived in Tiruvannamalai (India), I understood that both Shiva (male) as well as Shakti (female) are important in Hinduism. I experienced a lot of synergy on this journey. Most bizarre was to discover there where many ‘Mariette’-statures and even temples where ‘Mariette‘ was worshiped. My parental nickname, and I was being called to this place.

Back in the Netherlands my house experienced like a hotel room and I quickly returned to Bali. There I received the calling to organize Retreats. I still do this. A week in a beautiful surroundings to get totally back to yourself. This can be Life-Changing for the participants.

Ayahuasca Ceremonies

Thanks to my video on YouTube about my first Ayahuasca experience, I encountered Ramon Geurts of  Om-Mij on my path. There was a direct click, which resulted in organizing  Ayahuasca Ceremonies together. Within 5 days our 3-day ceremony was completely booked. Nowadays, we started at a new location in the middle of nature and peace. According to me ‘The best place to participate in an Ayahuasca ceremony. You are very welcome to participate. 

Life is Better then I could Imagine!

All these experiences of worldwide seminars, NLP, being an entrepreneur, the publishing of my book, giving trainings, coaching, my spiritual journey, self-hypnoses, diving into the soul, Ayahuasca ceremonies, the meditations, the retreats, the organizing of Ayahuasca ceremonies and adopting my birth names brought me to who I am now. I would never had expected  that my life is like it is today.