Worst Day Ever ! And Miracles Happened – Week Vlog #4

My week started with a huge bad feelings which I haven’t felt in ages. Bizarre! I do realize that I am responsible for my own feelings. And I see this feeling had to be felt. It is so important to embrace these bad feelings on your path. This is where you can receive the biggest pearls in life. I experienced a lot of discomfort.. But later on it turned into gratitude. And even the sky opened up for me. See the video!

Weekvlog #3 Life is to Celebrate

This week was all about BLISS. I have been overwhelmed with good vibrations and was totally in a flow where everything went smoothly. I have been productive and only spent my time on things that I like and was surrounded by beautiful people. Here is my Week Vlog # 3 ‘Life to Celebrate!’

Week Vlog #2 Together You Are More

Together you are more! This is where my week was all about. When you feel connected to your inner strength, you can enter wonderful connections with other people. I am so grateful for the team I work with. I could never do this just by myself. Together we arrange beautiful Ayahuasca Ceremonies where people can feel save to do their inner journey. Each person has to discover their own strengt to play his or her own role. See my weekly vlog # 2 “Together you are more”

Weekvlog #1 Going Back to Inner Peace

Yeeeey!! I finally started vlogging in English! Here my first step by going international! In my vlogs I take you with me in my adventures that we call life. You can see: How it is to organize Ayahuasca Ceremonies? How I keep my life in Balance? What is important for me? And much more.. Here you can find My first Week Vlog #1 Going Back to Inner Peace: