Maria Johanna kan je begeleiden in je persoonlijke groei en bij je spirituele ontwakingsproces. Ze helpt je te connecten met je hart om te ontdekken wie je bent en wat je wilt in je leven. Dit doet ze in vele vormen zoals; schrijvenlezingen, workshops, coaching en meditatie. Daarnaast is ze auteur van het boekQuarterlife Challenge – in 20 dagen weten wat je wilt‘. Bedenker van de KRACHT-techniek. Daarnaast organiseert ze regelmatig Retreats op Bali & Ibiza en focust ze zich op het geven van Ayahuasca Retreats in Peru.

Vlog#46 Opinions of Other People

Vlog#46 Opinions of Other People

Do you believe in purpose? There is already a plan for you. Your destiny. Believe that there is a purpose for you that you can find in your heart. Express what is inside to make the World a Better Place.

Ayahuasca Voorbereidingen Dieet

Een belangrijk onderdeel van de voorbereiding op je Ayahuasca Ceremonie is het Dieet. Wat eet je wel en wat eet je niet? Je bent wat je eet. Des te schoner je lichaam is? Des te beter ben je voorbereid.
Kambo - Maria Johanna

Wat is Kambo?

Kambo is een medicijn dat afkomstig is uit de klier van een kikker en je fysieke en emotionele lichaam reinigt. Het medicijn wordt veel gebruikt door inheemse volken in het Amazonegebied.
Vlog#45 There's a time to relax and a time for action

Vlog#45 There's a time to relax and a time for action

We human beings like to build something step by step. Don’t settle for less. Look inside, feel and there you will find your answer. Go after what you passion is. Maybe there is fear and maybe you are scared to take action, but this is exactly where you should go!
Accept what is - Maria Johanna

Vlog#44 Accept what is, let go what was, have faith in what will be!

Acceptance. In this lifee everything is possible. You never know what's around the corner. Unexpected things are going on. It's very important how you deal with it. We don't have control over what is happening. But we have control over how we deal with it. Start with accept what is. Be like a child and be curious. Whether it's good, whether it's bad, you decide!

Vlog#43 Giving and Receiving

Life is a reflection from what is going on inside of us. So in a way you can say: ‘You receive in life what you have been giving.’ We receive what we need in the moment in order to go to the next level. Sometimes you receive the most beautiful blessings… And sometimes we receive pain. Both are there to support you.

Today it's International Women Day - 'Today I Rise' by Maya Angelou

Today (8 of March 2018) it's INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY. I want to spread awareness to respect all the woman and your inner female power. That's why I like to share this beautiful poem with you by Maya Angelou, 'Today I Rise'. With this I hope te remember you of your strength and to live your mission in life. Shine your beauty, share your femininity!

Vlog#42 A New Start

Change is the constant thing in life. We human beings don't always like change. Because we have a picture of how life should be. We need to live in the moment and go with the flow. Every day a new chapter starts. What decision do you have to make today. In your heart you know.

And the winner is...

Last week it was my Birthday (the 19th of February)! So I decided to do something nice for ‘my followers’. I can up with the idea to do a small lottery for a Free 2 Day Ayahuasca Retreat in The Netherlands (worth 675 euro). Today you will know WHO THE WINNER IS?!? Will it be YOU?! Watch my video and find out!

Vlog#41 New House!

Even when you are in heavenly vibrations, you still know that many people are suffering in this World. When you do suffer yourself and you look at suffering: What do you feel? And what is suffering? Is it a choice to suffer? Or is it something that you have to experience? Maybe we need suffering to experience the opposite one day.

It's My BIRTHDAY Today and I have a Special Treat for you!

Yes! Today is my Birthday (the 19th of Februari)! Because of my Birthday I would like to give you the opportunity to get a free 2 day Ayahuasca Retreat (worth 675 euro) in The Netherlands. What do you have to do for this? Please share this Blogpost/Video + Leave your name & email address so you can win!

Vlog#40 Finding Balance in Your Life

Is your life in balance? We live in a world of duality,So there is Positive and Negative. Do you feel that you are in balance? Sometimes you need to celebrate life a bit more. So, what is your way to find Balance In Your Life?

Wil je meer weten over Ayahuasca?

Wat is Ayahuasca?  Hoe gaat een Ayahuasca Ceremonie? Wat kun je verwachten van een Ceremonie? Waarom de begeleiding van een Sjamaan? Voor wie is het? Wat is de juiste mindset om aan een ceremonie deel te nemen? Wanneer heb je de roeping ontvangen om naar een ceremonie te gaan? Wil je graag deelnemen aan een ceremonie? Vul je naam & emailadres in en ontvang informatie en video’s over Ayahuasca. Liefs, Maria Johanna

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