Back in Bali

Vlog#48 Back in Bali, Where My Dreams Started

YES!! I am back and I will be blogging again!! It feels so good. In March I went o Bali. The place that i love to much. The place where I started and where I have lots of beautiful memories. I recorded this journey, but I haven’t shared anything yet. Now I feel it’s time!

I made a vlog serie about my journey in Bali that I am going to share in different parts.

Being back in Bali brought me back in time to the very beginning of I realise how much I have been growing and what I learned. In my vlogs I share a lot of positive energy and I help you to motivate and reflect. I highly recommend to watch my Vlog#48 Back in Bali, Where My Dreams Started

Bali Makes me a Better version of Myself

Being back in Ubud feels as if I have never left this place. This journey has been one big blessing! Bali opens my heart and makes me a version of myself. A big lesson that came back all the time is: SLOW DOWN! When you slow down you can appreciate every little detail and you experience life more fully.

What to do when your heart is knocking on your door?

What do you do when your heart is knocking on your door? Do you feel the freedom and the power to listen? Or do you also experience fear? I like to share my vision about fear. Sometimes I tell people ‘Go where your fear is. Because if you go beyond your, you will grow!’

Go Beyond your fear

Life is not always easy and it’s great to go out of your comfort zone. Life becomes more full, more joyful and fulfilling when you follow your heart. That’s also what brought me to Bali again.

You are Bigger than you Think

Everything has it’s beauty. It’s all about perspective. See life as a game. You play this game as a human being and I want to express your soul. Your soul has plans that are bigger then your imagination. In this game your mind will do it’s best to stop you from listening to your souls desire. It will tell you things as: ‘You are not good enough’, or ‘Who do you think you are?’

Listen to your Inner Voice

But!! The more you listen to your inner voice, to the voice of your soul, the more complete you will feel. This has a higher intelligence. You are so much more then this human being with your limited mind. You want to express your soul.

2 Life Questions

I would like to challenge you with 2 questions:

1.Where are you not listening to your heart?

2.What keeps you from following your heart?

Most of the times it’s a belief, like ‘I am not … enough’ or ‘What if I fail?’ BUT! What if you do succeed? Imagine!! At the end of my vlog I share more about this and I give you a great advice about ‘how to change your beliefs?’.

Take action & Trust Devine Timing

Being back in Bali  where I started makes me realise ‘WAUW! I have been through different phases and it all started with a strong feeling that i wanted to help people. I followed my inner guidance that brought me to Bali. Everything has been unfolding step by step. My vision is ‘Keep on moving toward your dreams and everything will unfold in a perfect way at the perfect timing.’

The only person who can yourself happy is you!

TAKE ACTIONS ON YOUR DREAMS and create a the best reality for yourself and the people around you. The only person who will ever make you happy is the one who is looking at you when you look into the mirror. Love yourself, know that you deserve the best. Give your best and you will receive the best.

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