Vlog#34 Ayahuasca, True Miracles & Deep Reflections

This week I organized Ayahuasca ceremonies in Grolloo, Drenthe. The ceremonies took place under the guidance of an experienced Shaman. It was a very special experience, also because our accommodation was completely surrounded by nature. Besides Ayahuasca we offered attendees treatments with several other ancient medicines from the Amazon, like Rapé and Tabacco.

Rapé is a sacred shamanic medicine that has been used by healers of the Amazon for thousands of years. It’s a complex blend of pulverized plants. There are so much different types of Rapé and some ingredients are kept secret. The blend is blown high up into the nose with a pipe made from bamboo or bone. The intense blow immediately focuses the mind, stops thinking, and opens your mind for your intentions. It also helps to release emotional, physical, and spiritual illnesses and eases negativity and confusion.

I’m a huge fan of using Rapé during my Ayahuasca Ceremonies. It can help to intensify the experience, or even trigger the Ayahuasca when someone is not really coming into their inner journey.

Another great medicine is Tobacco. I know it has a bad reputation in the west, because of additive smoking and the long term affects of nicotine, but Shamans are using the Tobacco plant as a sacred medicine. They use it in their ceremonies for protections, healing and to give energy.

A special way to use Tobacco for healing and cleaning the body is a ‘Tobacco purge’ You will drink a special tea made out of Tobacco leaves and after that a lot of normal water. In a couple of  minutes you will start to vomit. By this purging you can get rid of negative energies that are stuck in your body.

In Grolloo I had a wonderful time with Magnus from Norway, who had a great Ayahuasca journey. He found out that his mind is controlling his body and learned that he has to take control over his body. The next morning in the Tobacco purge ceremony he had another great experience. He was vomiting a lot, but after the ceremony he discovered that he didn’t need his glasses anymore, because he could see very clear without it! He was very surprised about the healing effect of the tobacco and we had to laugh about it because he just bought new glasses! We also went fishing! I felt like a kid again, just playing with my friend in the wood and near the water.

Back home in Amsterdam I went into a process myself. After 4 days of guiding ceremonies and also drinking small doses of Ayahuasca with the group, something was happening to me. I was waking up one morning and had a very strong feeling to go to the beach. So I left my phone at home and just went! After a nice walk I sat down in a café and read the letter that I wrote to myself a few days before. It was all about my situation at that moment. Then, I turned all the sentences around and confronted myself with the outcome of this. I can recommend this to everyone. Because we are all one, the universe is all one, everything you say about others is only telling something about yourself. By turning around things you wrote about others or your situation, you gain a lot of clarity about yourself and your behavior. 

We also visited the new house of my lovely friend Yasmina. It’s a great place! A penthouse on the 23th floor with a fantastic view over the city centre. We both have the intention to organize Ayahuasca ceremonies at this location, and we are looking very much forward to this!

I was wondering why I was feeling so good….and then I found out that it was exactly 3 years ago that I started I watched the first video that I made about Ayahuasca and thought about the road I took. All the way from writing my book, The Quarterlife Challenge until now; working with Ayahuasca. What an amazing journey.

When I started I went to Bali and lived there for 4 months without a plan and I feel the same way at this moment. I take the actions that I feel, but I have no idea where it will take me. I trust in life, that it will bring the right things to me. I just experience. Even when things don’t seem to work, I trust that something better will come.

I also feel the same way about my trip to Ibiza. I will leave in a few day and I’ll stay there for one month! But I have no idea or plan what I’m going to do all this time on this beautiful island. I even don’t know anymore why I have decided to stay there for such a long time! I have some work to do, but there will be so much time left. I guess I will meditate a lot and be in peace. I would also like to meet people, open minded and spiritual people and have deep connections. And most important ….just be with myself!

Let’s see what will happen next week…?

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  1. wanda
    wanda zegt:

    Dear Maria Johanna, I loved this video! amazing works with Ayahuasca. I share your passion for the sea, and the joy you experience. Beauty! Thank you for the beautiful flowers. Love and blessings


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