14- of 30- Day Dieta Retreat at Peru

Master Dieta with Shipibo Shaman Matilda at Iquitos in Peru

This is Next Level in The World of Plant Medicine. During a Dieta Ayahuasca is the portal to The World of The Master Plants. With a fantastic group of like-minded people we will experience a wonderful spiritual journey deep in the jungle of Peru, in the middle of the Amazon. For 14 days or 30 days we build a deep connection with the Master of Plants under the guidance of Maestra Matilda, Dani Love and the rest of their team. We have different dates (April, September, October, November 2020) for the Dieta’s that will change your life.

14- or 30- Day Dieta in The Jungle of Peru

Would you like to join our special Dieta Retreats at the Jungle of Peru together with us? With a fantastic group of like-minded people we will experience a wonderful spiritual journey deep in the  jungle, in the middle of the Amazon.

In 14 days or 30 days (you can choose) we build a deep connection with the Master of Plants under the guidance of Maestra Matilda. An experience that can make a turn around in your life. An incredibly beautiful journey where you come face to face with yourself, the power of nature and the spirits of the plants that heal, teach and inspire you.

A life changing program, where you will be empowered both physically and metal to become the best version of yourself. Where you can let go connect, but above all go in depth of your soul to re-connect with your true essence.

Dates Dieta Peru (Iquitos)

You can register for our Special Dieta’s in Quitos, Peru for the following dates:

14 day Dieta’s
April 4 to April 18, 2020
April 20 to May 4, 2020
September 5 to September 19, 2020
September 21 to October 5, 2020
October 10 to October 24, 2020
October 26 to November 9 2020

30 Day Dieta’s
April 4 to 4 May 2020
September 5 to October 5, 2020
October 10 to November 9 2020

* We expect to organize more Dieta’s in the future. If you have questions about more/new data, please send an email to info@mariajohanna.com

What can a Dieta do for you?

A Dieta helps you to come home to yourself without the luxury of home. No distractions. Instead, you are surrounded by the energy of the Jungle that carries you during this process. During a Dieta you ‘merge’ with the spirit of the Master Plant that becomes your ally during and after Dieta.

Letting go; no work, no roles to play, no house to clean up, no media and no phone which is often the biggest trigger to distract you from what really matters. During this Dieta the main focus is  YOU.

Surrounded by butterflies, crickets, the most beautiful flowers, plants and the spirits of the jungle. Connect barefoot with mother earth. You can really BE yourself. Without expectations.

You don’t have to explain yourself to anyone. Just being you without judgment, because something has to be done from the Outer World. From this basis of being you, you start the process with yourself.

This is The Real Deal

It is a detox from all the attachments of the Western World. Everything the system wants from you, that’s what you will detox from. There is 0.0% distraction. You can fully focus on your own journey of discovery. During this process you will receive loving and professional support from Sjamaan Matilde, Dani Love and her team and of course the spirits of the plants. Both from Ayahuasca and from the great teachers; the Master plants.

During this process you will look into the mirror, learn about yourself in a way that you have never experienced before. That is why we say ‘This is The Real Deal‘.  You will come face to face with yourself. The heat, the insects, the night, the darkness, your fellow travellers. But doing this together and learning from each other, that is very powerful.

This gives you the opportunity to conquer yourself. Sometimes you will experience difficult moments and beside that, you will also experience incredible moments of happiness.

‘It’s not always easy, but you have to face it in order to change and transform to the next level in life.’

Pictures Previous Retreats

Soul Reboot

It is not only a super cool journey with challenges, but also a transforming journey in where you will learn so much about yourself. Do you dare to really see The Truth? Do you really want to make a change? Ready to break patterns, leave your past behind? You already know … From Here you can start to write a new chapter for your life.

What is Life About?

After you stepped out of your ‘busy’ life, you experience the energy of the Amazon from the moment you step off the plane. It’s full of motor taxis and the city is even more bustling than you thought it would be.

In Peru they also discovered the mobile phone  and it seems not to be so different from our lives. Until you experience the kindness of the people. Still very authentic there are stalls with chickens, fish and fruit. On every corner there is a man with all kinds of frills.

There is a conviviality atmosphere that the ordinary Westerners normally ignores. On the street everything is still old-fashioned fun.

You can see the purity in the eyes of the people. They say that the eyes are the mirror of our soul. Just by being there and starting this process you will get to remember what life is about and what really matters in your life.

The Difference between a ‘normal’ Ayahuasca Retreat and a Dieta?

Both as with an Ayahuasca Retreat and during a Dieta you drink Ayahuasca. What makes a Dieta different?

During a Dieta you diet a Masterplant during the Retreat. This can be a Master Plant or Master Tree. This depends on your goals and personal wishes. You diet this plant to get the wisdom of this Master Plant in your system.

Every Master Plant has his or her own spirit and qualities. In a normal  Ayahuasca ceremony you are guided by the spirit of mother Ayahuasca. During a Dieta you will be guided by the spirit of the Master Plant that you are dieting.

Ayahuasca is the portal that leads you to the world of the spirit of the Master Plant that you diet. For example: If you are doing a Dieta with the Master Plant Boninsana, then this plant is the spirit that guides you during your ceremonies.

The effect of a Dieta versus an Ayahuasca Retreat

After you have done a Dieta, the spirit of the Master Plant will stay with you as an ally for life, if you follow the instructions of your post-dieta. Everyone will receive personal instructions for your post-dieta that are easy to follow.

You become a stronger soul and spirit through your Dieta and Post-Dieta. You reconnect with the spirit of the Master Plant of your Dieta at any time.

This spirit communicates through your inner voice and intuition. The spirit enters your system and assists you throughout your life.

This means that you will always feel like a different person after a Dieta. You experience a deeper wisdom and stronger guidance in your life. Because a Dieta makes your spirit stronger, you feel a stronger person after a Dieta.

What is a Dieta?

A Dieta is definitely different from a normal Ayahuasca Retreat. The concept of the Dieta in Shipibo culture means that you directly learn from the plants that you are dieting.

You receive direct information from the plants to heal yourself, to learn, transform and grow. You will be provided with tools that helps you to connect deeply with source.

It requires a lot of determination and it’s good for people who are committed to helping change their own lives and that from others. It gives a lot of inspiration to live a deeper purpose. This does not necessarily mean that you are already doing this. It can be your desire. Conscious or unconscious. You naturally feel attracted to do a Dieta.

By withdrawing from the chaos of daily life, going into silence and getting rid of all distractions you can receive the teachings of the plants. You can hear the messages of the plants not only during your dreams, visions or from the jungle and animals around you.

You can compare a Dieta with a shamanic Vipassana. You are in your own energy without distractions and stimuli from Western life. You are in your focus in your own Tambo (Jungle Hut) to be there in silence and respect and love for the plant of your Dieta.

More Details about a Dieta?

You will be in isolation during your Dieta so that you can fully focus on your own process. During this period of isolation you will get the most benefit from what you receive. Therefore it is important that you do not eat sugar, salt, fats, herbs and fruit during the Dieta. Than you are the most clean and the spirit of the Master Plant can provide it’s gifts in the best way.

For who and When to join a Dieta?

In the original Shipibo traditions, the Dietas are mainly done by healers. As a healer, you can invoke the spirits that you have been dieting. When you are doing a longer Dieta, the Icaros come to you. The Icaro’s are the healing songs that Shamans sing in order to bring healing. You can see the Icaro’s as “The is the language of the plants.” From the new-time vision, everyone can participate in a Dieta. It’s the same as with Ayahuasca. Back in the Days is was only the Shaman who drunk Ayahuasca. Now Ayahuasca is accessible to everyone who feels the calling. You receive the calling through feeling curiosity, a strong sense of attraction or other coincidences that leads you towards doing a Dieta. It’s important to feel a commitment to step into this process.

What Master Plants can you Diet?

Matilda, the Shaman, will help you choose the Masterplant that suits you. This is in consultation. In preparation, we describe a number of Master plants below. Perhaps you already have a preference for a Master Plant? These are both Master plants and Master trees that you can Diet during this Retreat. If you feel you want to diet a tree (like Noya Rao), Matilda generally recommends that you do a Dieta of one month instead of 14 days. *Please send us an e-mail if you want to ask an advice on forehand (info@mariajohanna.com)

Noya Rao

Noya Rao is a tree also known as “The Tree of Life” or “Camino a la Verdad” (the path of truth). It stands for Love, Light and Truth. She is seen as the highest spirit of the Jungle. The Shipibo Shamans say that her spirit comes directly under God. The tree has the magical property that gives its bark light in the dark. Think of the tree in the movie “Avatar”. Her wisdom is enormous. It helps you to eliminate your dark sides and come to your truth. Noya Rao is a legendary tree that had disappeared for many years. The tree has only been recovered for a few years. According to the Shipibo Shamans, there are only three or five Noya Rao trees that are known.

Bobinsana (or Calliandra angustifolia)

Bobinsana (Calliandra angustifolia) is a plant that grows between four and six meters high and produces bright pink starburst flowers. The indigenous people of the Amazon have been using Bobinsana for thousands of years to heal wounds in the heart. Bobinsana’s diet helps to strengthen your ability to feel love and to strengthen your empathic capacity. It helps you to shield yourself from the dominant energies of others who unknowingly suppress you to live fully from your heart. The spirit helps you to open your creativity and gives you the tools needed to give self-expression to who you are in an authentic way.

Chiric Sanango (or Brunfelsia)

Chiric Sanago or Brunfelsia grandiflora grows in abundance in the upper basin of the Amazon and has beautiful purple flowers that turn white over time. Chiric Sanango is also abundant in New Zealand, South Africa and North America, making it a powerful ally during your Dieta since the plant is also present in these different places. Traditionally this plant is prescribed by curanderos for example colds and arthritis. The spirit helps you to calm and heal your heart. As a result, your self-love, self-acceptance and self-worth grow. In addition, the plant helps you to become mentally stronger and to develop a clear mind.

Chullachaqui (or Tovomita)

Chullachaqui is known as the guardian of the forest and is seen both as a tree and as a whole breed of forest creatures. The people who see him during their visions describe that he looks just like a human. Except for one of his feet. It looks like that of a goat, deer or other animal. He is the lord of the animals and “The King of the Jungle”. The crack of Chullachaqui can be used directly on the skin to heal cuts and wounds. When you cook the plant it is used to purify the mind. Chullachaqui protects, bases and restores the connection with the earth. You create an intimate connection with the earth and the intelligence and wisdom of mother nature.

How to choose the right Master Plants for your Dieta?

As described, the Shaman, Matilda, will help you choose the Master Plant that suits you. This is in consultation. In preparation, we describe a number of Master plants below. Perhaps you already have a preference for feeling. These are both Master plants and trees. If you feel you want to diet a tree, Matilda generally recommends that you do a Dieta of one month instead of 14 days.

Experience Maria Johanna – Noya Rao Dieta

My Dieta with Noya Rao totally changed my life. I was able to see my future during my ceremonies during my Dieta.

A Dieta can greatly help you to become who you really are, in your personal power. In my eyes that is the best thing you can become: yourself!

During my Dieta I got to see all kinds of visions about my future, I couldn’t believe it. And now it’s all becoming reality.

I have had long conversations with the Spirit of Noya Rao about my future, my career path and my love life. I was taken on a journey in which I could see everything in a new perspective.

Furthermore my whole life has passed by. I have relives all the pain, all the trauma, all the wounds again. I cried intensly during this process in order to be able to transform this pain into love. Wow!

You follow a salt-free and sugar-free diet during a Dieta. You eat simple and fasting. I was completely fine with following this diet. You are going to develop a deeper understanding of why this should all be this way.

My personal biggest challenge was to be bored during the Days. This created the most interesting processes with myself. No way to escape from yourself.

For me, all the thoughts and questions I had during the day came back in ceremony and were answered.

The best thing about a Dieta for me is that the relationship that you build with the spirit is permanent. This will remain an ally in your life forever. This makes you feel a stronger person and your self-confidence and trust in life grows.

When to do a Dieta?

Entering into a Dieta takes courage. You are going into a major transformation process that can turn your life around. That is why it requires a commitment that only you can feel.

It’s the same as with an Ayahuasca journey: You will feel naturally attracted to do a Dieta and step into this process with yourself. Everyone has his or her own motivation to do a Dieta. Sometimes you don’t even know it on forehand.

For anyone who works with Ayahuasca or wants to work with plant medicines, this is highly recommended. However, this is not a must. The Dieta is accessible to everyone who feels the calling to join this Dieta.


About Dani Love

Stukje over Dani Love schrijven

Dieta Experiences of Dani Love

Stukje over Dani Love schrijven

About The Shaman, Matilda

The name Matilda Gomez Silvanos Shipibo is Korínbeka. It comes from the native community of Canáan de Cachiyaw. Matilda started her path to shamanism at the early age of 15 years. She was, among other things, trained by her grandfather, who was the first ‘Curandero’ (shaman) of the municipality. He had her very powerful master plant “Dietas” do.

Here we sum up an overview of ‘Dietas’ that Matilda has completed: Chiricsanango, Ajo Sacha, Renaquillo, Aya-humo, Bominzana, Mapacho, Toe, Piripiri, Mata Palo, Icaja, Aginjibre, Huito, Camalonga, Catawa, Piñón Blanco , Chuchuhuasi, Wayusa, Palo volador, Sanango, Piñón Colorado. And many more.

The Development Path of Matilda

Matilda trained humbly with these plants and became a “Curandera”. She started to treat people from her own community, they approached her with all kinds of physical ailments, energetic and mental disorders.

Through her dreams, she receives messages about how to heal her patients. Even when she concentrates during a ceremony, she can move into someone’s past and also get a glimpse of that person’s future, to understand what action needs to be taken in the process of healing a patient or patients.

As a single mother, she moved to Iquitos to work, to give her children a good education. She first started working with local patients and eventually moved to foreigners who would come to Iquitos in search of healing or even shamanic training.

She helped many people with all kinds of health and mental problems. She then started working with entire groups of foreign travelers in Western retreat centers.

Her wish was her own shamanistic center, where she would be in full charge herself and could work as she wanted with the passageros.

She looks back with gratitude to that period. Now she can fully come into its own in her own center, which she has managed to realize with our support.

She is now over 60 years old and still practices her shamanistic path. She continues to follow Dietas to strengthen herself as a shaman. Her Icaros are inspiring and she sings and treats people with lots of love, good vibes and harmony with the purpouse to heal people and open their vision.

Matilda is always positive, always smiling and confident in the beautiful work she does. She always thanks her grandfather for learning all his traditions and for being a kind and gentle teacher.

Matilda has helped countless women with female problems. She learned her lessons from her mother, who was also an obstetrician. She took over her practice at a young age and still serves as a shamanic midwife in the community.

All these experiences have allowed her to develop into a very skilled healer who lives her dream full of love and passion to help heal Western people in her own center.

A beautiful place in the middle of the jungle

We work for 14 days or 30 days with the powerful master healers from the Shipibo tribe. These master healers or medical drugs or the indigenous culture take us into their loving and safe environment to guide you what you have longed for.

The mother is the pivot of the family. In addition to having already 30 years of experience working in the traditional way with the Master of Plants, guiding Ceremonies and Dietas, she is unique in singing her Icaro’s.

Like a nightingale she guides you through processes that will never let your life be the same again. With the vibration of her voice and the work of the plants, she knows how to guide you in order to clear up what no longer serves you. A loving family that gives you what it takes to regain your consciousness power. Where we may connect with our higher self for guidance.

More about this special place in the jungle

Hidden in the Amazonian jungle is a small community located on their own sacred ground, where you can completely surrender in a safe, loving and humble environment. Do not expect luxury, but prepare for an authentic place surrounded by nature where you can only come on foot from the road, far away from civilization noise and pollution. Here we offer a program where you can go back into deep connection with your soul.

Because of its authentic state, this special place can be called unique. A peaceful place where you can leave everything where it is and surrender. The beautiful and pure energy determines the family and the breathtaking place. Here you can transform to who you should be. Free from fear and old patterns. Out of fear, but in love and trust and in surrender to the universe.

You stay in a Tambo with mesh around it. Where there is candlelight in the evening, no WiFi or pollution of the city. But “The Real Deal” as it was once intended.


  • Dag 1:
  • Transfer Iquitos


    Accommodatie verkennen


    Wandeling door de community

  • Dag 2:
  • Ontbijt



    Voorbereiding op de eerste ceremonie met Ayahuasca


    Privé-consult met de shaman,

    ‘s Avonds de eerste ceremonie – het dieet openen.

  • Dag 3 t/m dag 12
  • Na de eerste ceremonie mogen de deelnemers het eerste deel van de plant drinken waarmee ze de volgende dagen zullen werken. Afhankelijk van de plant krijgen deelnemers dagelijks meer porties of meerdere keren tijdens het dieet.
  • Dag 13:
  • In de ochtend na de laatste ceremonie is er een ritueel afsluitend dieet met zout, citroen en knoflook, presentatie van traditionele Shipibo-producten: kleding en decoraties, laat ontbijt, tijd om te ontspannen, lunch, tijd voor feest, praatcirkel, integratie.

Day 3 to day 12 we follow the following daily routine

Participants spend their time in seclusion, without talking and outside influences. We advise against reading, listening to music, all electronics, all sexual activities. Is allowed; yoga, meditation, walking, creativity; writing, painting, singing, etc. This will really help you in your process and you will notice during the ceremonies.

You always start a Dieta the first day with an Ayahuasca Ceremony. The second day you drink your Masterplant that you are going to Diet. This plant meets your wishes. On the third day you have a plant bath and we do another Ayahuasca Ceremony. Here you will notice the guidance of the Master Plant.

We bring meals to your Tambo twice a day. Possible individual consultation / integration. When you choose a 14-day Dieta you do 4 ceremonies. When you choose a 30-day Dieta, you do 8 ceremonies.

We conclude the Dieta with a final ceremony in which you receive your personal Arkana from the Shaman. This is, as it were, your spiritual diploma for completing your inner work with your Master Plant. In the Arkana you receive protection and integration.

What is included in the Dieta?

  • 14 days – 13 nights
  • 4 ceremonies with Ayahuasca under the care of Shipibo Shamans
  • Plant medicines
  • All meals
  • Prior Kambo to your Dieta
  • Accommodation in a Tambo (jungle hut)
  • Private Consultations
  • Private integration, depending on the need
  • Vegetable medicines
  • Flower baths
  • Jungle walks
  • Facilitator available 24 hours a day
  • Rituals and healings such as massage, saunas depending on the assessment shaman
  • Rapé and mapacho / tabaco ceremonies
  • Personal contact with the family and shamans
  • There is a possibility to stay longer for a 3 or 4 week dieta or stay
  • Transport: transfer included

Dates & Prices

You can register for this special Dieta in Peru for the following dates:

14 day Dieta
April 4 to April 18, 2020 = € 1950 (14 days)
April 20 to May 4, 2020 = € 1950 (14 days)
September 5 to September 19, 2020 = € 1950 (14 days)
September 21 to October 5, 2020 = € 1950 (14 days)
October 10 to October 24, 2020 = € 1950 (14 days)
October 26 to November 9, 2020 = € 1950 (14 days)

30 Day Dieta
April 4 through May 4, 2020 = € 3850 (30 days)
September 5 to October 5, 2020 = € 3850 (30 days)
October 10 to November 9, 2020 = € 3850 (30 days)

* You do not pay for a luxury accommodation (you go back to basic). You do pay for professional knowledge and years of study, for loving guidance and the community.

The Location

This Dieta is held in a beautiful, authentic place in the middle of the jungle of Iquitos, Peru.

This is not a commercially chic center, but an authentic place surrounded by nature where you can only come on foot from the road, far away from civilization noise and pollution.

Join this Retreat

Do you want to participate in this unique retreat in Peru, then complete the form. You will receive an automatic confirmation. Before the Dieta takes place we hold a personal intake via Whatsapp or a video call.

Any Questions?

Questions about the ceremony? About our Dieta, about the Master Plants, the Process, Travel or the location? Do you have any doubts, or any other questions or request? Don’t hesitate to get it touch. Always happy to help!

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