#21 What happens when you let go?

Weekvlog#21 What happens when you let go?

I just made the decision to take a break with my Ayahuasca Ceremonies in The Netherlands for now. This was a process of letting go. Maybe you recognize it yourself that it can be hard to say goodbye to something wonderful? Something or someone that you love.. It will give you pain. The pain is there to let you grow. You have to choose for yourself. In the end of the day it’s all about self love.

This kind of processes of saying goodbye to the old can be emotional. The only thing you can do is just to experience these emotions. Otherwise they can be stuck in your body which is unhealthy. We see this so many times in our Ayahuasca Ceremonies. So just live the emotions. 

This week.. I had something stupid. Let’s take a drop of hemp oil. Just one drop. OMG! In 30 minutes I was spacing like crazy. I was making a phone call and experienced that I forgot everything that I just said. I also couldn’t drive my car anymore. So I stayed overnight at my parents house. I have been spacing for at least 4 hours and it gave me a deep sleep afterwards. This is why I started my day a bit late. In case you have problems with sleeping, this is amazing. Also when you are thinking too much, when you have worries or stress THC is perfect. I can tell. Your thoughts will be cleared and your body will relax. Don’t take too much. Some people are very sensitive for THC, like me 😉

When you close a door, new doors will open. In one day a new opportunity was already coming my way. I’ve been asked to come over to Peru to an Ayahuasca Retreat Center to help. It’s called Pachamama Temple in Pucallpa. So I guess I am going to Peru. It’s exactly what I want. I thought like: ‘Am I going to fast?’ Or life is just very good for me. It feels really good! I want to go Peru and learn from the Shamans. My advice to you: If you are hesitating about stopping something. Please do! Because new doors will open.

When you are living in the moment and you are connected to your heart, change will come. This is life. Life moves in waves, up & down. Things come and go. Like the sea. Change is there all the time. It’s important for all of us that we can let go of things and that we can let go of our ideas about how life should be.

I start everything with so much enthusiasm, but I also say goodbye when it is time to say goodbye. Sometimes with some pain, but also relief. Also my relationships. I have beautiful experiences with that. Relationships with so much love, care, fun, everything. But sometimes it’s just time to say goodbye. When you say goodbye… You have nothing to lose. This is what we are afraid of.. To lose something that we’ve got. You never have something really. You only have these moments that you carry with you in your heart… We can cherish the moments that we have shared, but it’s the past. They are already gone. The now is here. This moment.

I also experience that we cannot really make a plan. When I want something and someone asks me to make a plan. I feel stuck. I can only take the action out of purity and enthusiasm in the moment and take it step by step. I cannot make a plan for a year. Not even for a couple of months. It’s just a feeling and when I feel inspired, I can take the action. I can see with my mind what is logical to do. But sometimes I feel it’s not the right thing to do and I cannot take the action.

It’s amazing to make a new start. Just by myself. Not depending on anyone else. Feel free to let life come to me and follow what is meant to happen. It’s beautiful.

This week was all about closing doors. Breaking up. But there is no end, to nothing. Life is infinite. There is no beginning, there is no end. We as human beings cannot understand this concept. But I know for sure when you close doors that are not feeling right any more, it’s because it has to happen.. New doors are opening up very fast. We don’t have to think about life. Life is just happening. Every morning the sun is rising. We don’t have to think about it. We think about death, we think about endings. There is never an end and death is an illusion. To conquer death you only need to die and there is a new rebirth.

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3 antwoorden
  1. Paul
    Paul zegt:

    Dear Maria
    I’ll write to you in english because that’s what I am!
    I have been following you for a few months now and as I have told you I great admire you personality, enthusiasm and what you do for people to help them. I also think you are lovely as a woman. But I feel the last postings telling us about your decision about leaving Ayahuasca in the Netherlands albeit honest and I agree for your reasoning I feel all you do is tell us how happy you are. If it’s as true as you say then great but are you trying to convince yourself? Your happiness will shine through and we will see it without the words. You have a powerful message and maybe you feel the need to send this message to us. I don’t follow your Facebook or anything else so maybe you are connecting and sharing that way. I wish you all the greatest for your work in Peru and the future, continue to be the bright light you are!

    • Maria Johanna
      Maria Johanna zegt:

      Hi Paul, thank you for your message. Very sweet! I experience that creating my vlogs is a huge reflection for me. So there is truth in there.. But there have been happening things on the background that you don’t see… And there is a big reason why I stop.. Out of respect for other people and for the plant I can not share this… The other thing is that I am on a research about what is the right way to work with the plant? I want to experience more and learn from Shamans.. So now I can say I am happy with this shift.. The moment I am typing (now) I am already back from Peru. I can tell… to do Ayahuasca in Peru… It’s so amazing. A big difference.. So this is just life.. happening through me.

    • Maria Johanna
      Maria Johanna zegt:

      Hi Paul, I don’t know if I reacted on this post before.. It’s feels like I did… But I can’t find it back.. I am a very happy and blessed person… But it doesn’t mean that everything is alway going right in my life. It’s not what happens to you but how you react to it that matters. So some things happened that I did not agree with. That’s why I had to stop with a lot of pain.. I am sharing that too… But stil.. I experience myself as a very happy and blessed person! 🙂


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