Weekvlog #10 Having fun in Marrakesh

This week I went to Marrakesh with a group of online entrepreneurs. My theme this week was ‘making plans’. I noticed that I have difficulties with planning. I feel much better to just go with the flow, to follow the nature of my heart. If you open your heart and enjoy life, life will take care of your dreams. Connect with yourself and feel! Because you are here to fully live!

Weekvlog #9 Balance is key

The key to a good life is to have balance. You need to have enough pleasure and peace. The more pleasure you have, the more positive and light energy you will create. Energy creates intentions, so be aware of the intentions you bring into your reality. Play with it and take care of yourself, so your life is in balance.

Weekvlog # 8 Destiny found me

Life is communicating in symbols, coincidences, synergy and through your inner voice. That voice which is speaking without speaking. In the outer world it’s very helpful to follow the symbols of life. These symbols and the synergy of life are helping us to find our destiny. Or you can turn it around. Destiny will find you! Watch weekvlog#8 and see how I found my higher purpose!

Video: De eerste Ayahuasca Ervaring van Mariska Breedland

Onlangs is Mariska Breedland bij ons op Ayahuasca ceremonie geweest. Het was prachtig om haar te zien reizen. Met name heb ik als begeleider genoten van haar humor. De kern zat in de acceptatie van wat is “It is what it is, and that’s ok’. De ceremonie heeft Mariska relaxter gemaakt en ervoor gezorgd dat ze meer kan genieten van het leven. In deze blog kun je haar persoonlijke verhaal lezen en video zien van haar eerste Ayahuasca ervaring.

Weekvlog # 7 Life is Happening for You

Do you ever experience frustration with your own reality? You think your life should be different than it is.. We like to control life. But can we really? Life is just happening to us. Our perception decides whether we are happy with it. But if you look deeper, you’ll find out that life is happening for you! Be friends with life and enjoy! See my Weekvlog # 7 ‘Life is Happening for You’