Vlog30 Be yourself and Express yourself fully

Weekvlog#30 Be yourself and Express yourself fully

In my second week on Ibiza I had so much fun! We were in the villa with 4 girls and had an amazing time. I also realized that it’s so good to be yourself and to express yourself fully.

The first realization that came to me was that I had to surrender to life. I put myself to the background and let the other girls decide what we were going to do instead of thinking what I wanted to do. I felt that I was okay with everything that life would give to me. The message I got was; you don’t have to do anything, life will take care of you…So I gave it out of my hands and took another role as I’m used to. This was very funny to see.

On a terrace we talked about quantum physics, reality and the question came up if we can script our lives or not? Everything that we see around us is in fact energy and we as the observer create our own image from the pool of Energy. It’s like all possibilities are already created and we can make our own choice to experience the possibility that we want the most.

It depends on where we shine our lights? Do we shine our light on a positive outcome or a negative outcome? Do we have positive thoughts or negatives thoughts? This will shape our future. Every thought creates another thought. It’s like a spiral. It’s our job to keep focusing on the light and create a beautiful reality for ourselves and others.

I felt so good to be on Ibiza in this great villa with my friends. There was totally no place for negativity and I was overflowing with positive energy! We went to a special sound healing meditation session very nearby Es Vedra, and we walked to the coastline were we could see the magic rock Island. Then there was a party at the beach of Benirrás with a lot of drums and we looked at the beautiful sunset. In the evening we had dinner at Montesol, a place I visit very often when I’m in Ibiza. In the days following we did so much other fabulous things and we prepared ourselves for the upcoming Ayahuasca Ceremonies.

To be truly yourself gives you so much energy and joy. We talked about this issue a lot with the four of us. We should never be ashamed or feel guilty of who we are. This keeps us from being ourselves. In fact you don’t have to do anything else than just be who you are and express this fully. Just feel and act on your feelings. Life will show you your path. Have faith and you will meet the right people at the right time. The same for everything else. You’ll get what you need. Everything will be taken care of. This is a great reminder to remember and amazing to experience! 😉

In the next days I will start my Ayahuasca ceremonies on Ibiza. You can see this in my next vlog. So stay tuned!

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